Flashback: Black Sun Journal 2001


It’s finally done. I had the original Black Sun Journal .html site reformatted and uploaded on the current server. So feel free to browse and enjoy.

Looking back, it’s quaint in some ways, and there’s probably more than a few things I’d edit and change. But what’s great about blogging is that it’s a live and raw medium. Which means it’s not always well done.

But I wouldn’t trade that immediacy for anything. And though my views have evolved over the years–especially through interactions with other writers online–I’m not embarrassed about my early work. It’s a snapshot of that time, and helps me realize how I’ve evolved, kind of like looking at old photos. It’s also good to reread some of the other authors’ contributions.

There’s no shame in saying you learned something or gained perspective. So I’ll save my editing skills for an eventual book or my documentaries. In the meantime, enjoy a blast from Black Sun Journal’s past.

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