Best of BSJ


What is Black Sun? (2001)
Organized Religion – The Slippery Slope (2001)
The Roots of Fanaticism (2001)
The Meaning of Black Sun (2005)
In Memoriam +5 (2006)
Flashback: Black Sun Journal 2001 (2007)


List of CUT Beliefs (2008)
7.11E Entity Decree


The Rules Have Changed Forever (2001)
Welcome to World War III (2004)
Betrayal In Iraq (2004)
War in Iraq Kills Energy Independence (2005)
Secular Left Better Than Religious Right (2006)
Why Jury Trials Don’t Work (2006)
Long Live Israel (2006)
We Love Our Violence, Just Don’t Make it too Real
Marriage (2006)
Blackmail (2006)
On Democracy (2006)
Objective Government (2006)
The Politics of Victimhood (2007)
Book Review: The Al Qaeda Reader (2007)
Editorial Slams Public Schools as ‘State Church’ (2007)
The Home Schooling Question (2007)
Blackwater: Be Very Afraid (2007)
The Ludicrous Penny
The Fascist Parents’ Television Council (2008)
It’s Simple. Stop Lying to your Kids!
Science Education is not Totalitarianism (2008)
California Prop. 8: Christian Privilege vs. Human Rights (2008)
Red Lenses (2008)


Doug Giles Unabashed Anti-Atheist Bigotry (2007)
The Best They Can Do Is Insult Us? (2007)
Refusing to Hide: Dialog with a 12-Year-Old Atheist (2007)
Getting Rid of the Middleman (2007)
John Haught’s Cliche-Ridden Caricature of Atheism (2007)


God Is…A Solstice Prayer (2001 – deconversion poetry)
Do What Thou Wilt (2005)
Conversations with God: (Not a book review) (2005)
A Moral Code of Self-Interest (2005)
Whither Human Nature? (2006)
Encounter with a Relativist (2006)
Why Nature Doesn’t Need A God (2006)
More Astrology Follies (2006)
Morality: Neither Scripture Nor Nihilism (2008)


How Personal Shadow Work Is Integral To Perceiving Reality (2007)
Love is not Enough (2007)
Book Review: The God Part of the Brain (2007)


Questioning Science: The Believer’s Dodge (2006)
Argument for Design (Ad Absurdum) (2006)
Artificial Intelligence (2006)
The Tree of Knowledge (2007)
The Singularity Summit (2007)
Neurologist Laments Tech-Driven Brain Changes (2008)


The Top Four Logical Fallacies (2006)
Anatomy of a Troll or “Why Comments are now Moderated” (2006)
Death March of the Fallacious Arguments (2006)
The Tyranny of Belief: Part 1 (2006)
The Tyranny of Belief: Part 2 (2006)
Theist Arguments Getting Weaker (2006)
Infinity Has Its ‘Limits’ (2006)
Rebuttal to Terry Eagleton’s Critique of Dawkins’ The God Delusion (2006)
Evil, ID, Conspiracies, and Ignorance (2007)
Conspiracists on the Rampage (2007)
Answering Ian Boyne on Atheism (2007)
Independence of Thought: Part 1 (2007)
IOT: Part 2: Approaches to Interpreting Religious Behavior (2007)
IOT: Part 3: Pain, Fear, and Awe, The Human Motivations Toward Religion (2007)
IOT: Part 4: The Misanthropy of Religion (2007)
Atheist ‘Metaphysics’ and Relgious Equivocation (2007)
Look Ma, No Ego! (2007)
The Rank Absurdity of the Law of Karma (2007)
Everyone Believes in Something (2008)
The Radio Wave Argument (2008)


A New (Not Phantom) Menace (2005)
Islamic Leaders Must Be Held Responsible (2005)
Religion is Hazardous to Social Health (2005)
Faith is Cold As Ice (2005)
Buddhism and the Need for a Sense of Awe (2006)
10,000 Clergy Admit Bible Not Literal Truth (2006)
Praying is Still Begging (2006)
My Thanksgiving Toast (2006)
The Heyoka (2007)
Do Stem Cells Grown From Unfertilized Eggs Have Souls? (2007)
The Battle for the Human Soul (2007)
Jehovah’s Witness Pedophilia Coverup (2007)
The Horror of God’s (Christian) Warriors (2007)
Pastor Understands Atheist Upsurge (2007)
The Sadomasochism of “Hard as Nails” (2007)
Oxford Theologian Doug Giles Folds Intellectual Tent (2008)


van Gogh Murderer Unrepentant (2005)
Jehovah’s Witness Family Assists in Woman’s Suicide (2007)


Elizabeth Clare Prophet Wikipedia Article (2005)
Cult of Mac vs. Cult of CUT (2006)
Murdering the Apostate Part 1: Afraid of the Darkness (2006)
Happy Birthday, Mom! (2006)
Another Young CUT Survivor Speaks (2006)
Rush ‘Saved’ Me (And My Kids) (2006)
CUT Admits Church Makes No Difference for Teens (2006)
Yellowstone Rumbling, Tetons Sinking (2007)
Murdering the Apostate Part 2: Identity Theft (2007)
Murdering the Apostate Part 3: Harassment and Bribery (2007)
Mother Dear (2007)
The Complicity of Members in Cultic Social Manipulation (2007)
El Morya, You Have No Power! (2007)
The Sword of the Lord (2007)
‘El Morya’ has a myspace Profile (2007)
Elizabeth Clare Prophet: No Secret Bank Accounts (2008)
Summit Lighthouse at 50: The Fanatics Have Won (2008)
The Pseudo-Science of the Spoken Word: Part 1 (2008)


The Question of Sentience (2005)


Clean, safe, guilt-free SUVs are in our future (2001)
Feel the Burn (2002)
Environmentalist Apocalypse (2005)
Earth is not a Closed System (2005)
Smart vs. Dumb Environmentalism (2005)
Ray Kurzweil on Future Energy (2005)
Peak Oil is Probably Here, but the “Peak-Oil Movement” is Just Another Cult (2006)
U.S. EPA Killed the Hybrid Car in 1972 (2006)
Indignation Drives the Doomer Religion (2006)
Corn Ethanol is an Environmental and Economic Nightmare (2006)
‘Long Emergency’ Update: July 2006
“H” is for Hypocrisy (2007)
Energy: Public Health’s Preconditional Crisis (2007)
Global Warming is the Shadow of Civilization: The Denial is Over (2007)
Drought, Peak Oil, and Climate Change: The Future is Now (2007)