List of CUT Beliefs

Some unusual beliefs and practices of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet: Compiled by Tatiana Prophet

  1. Mark Prophet was to have once lived as Lot, the Pharaoh Ikhnaton, Aesop, Origen of Alexandria, Saint Mark, Saladin of the Crusades, King Clovis of France, Lancelot du Lac, Hiawatha, Louis the XIV, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and the murdered Czarevich Nicholas Romanov. After his life as Mark Prophet, he was said to have become the ascended master Lanello.
  2. Elizabeth Clare Prophet was to have once lived as Lot’s wife, Nefertiti, the Tibetan mystic Yeshe Tsogyal, Saint Martha, Queen Guinevere, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Clare, Queen Marie Antoinette, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, and the murdered Czarevna Tatiana Romanova of Russia.
  3. Their son, Sean, supposedly lived as Solomon, Tycho Brahe and Franz Lehar; their daughter Erin, as the Prophet Gideon and Gandhi; their daughter Moira, as John F. Kennedy; and their daughter Tatiana, as Czar Peter the Great and the “messenger” Helena Roerich.
  4. Mark and Elizabeth Prophet said they were the Two Witnesses prophesied in the Bible.
  5. Elizabeth Prophet’s titles expanded to Vicar of Christ, the Mother of the Flame and Guru Ma, a name “bestowed” on her by Padhma Sambhava, an 8th Century Tibetan saint who, as an ascended master, announced “through” Elizabeth in 1979 that she had “balanced 100 percent of her karma.”
  6. Elizabeth Clare Prophet also made pronouncements about the past embodiments of her enemies. Gregory Mull, a former follower who successfully sued her in 1986 for fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress, was supposedly responsible for bringing homosexuality to earth from another planet.
  7. Mole people: Mark Prophet used to talk to his inner circle about “mole people,” a subterranean race that would kidnap humans and force them to work for them. This is pretty similar to a 1956 movie called The Mole People.”
  8. Keepers of the Flame lessons made reference to “Black Dog Men.”
  9. Elizabeth Clare Prophet at one point said the earth was hollow and contained an underground civilization, citing a 1908 book by Willis George Emerson called “The Smoky God.” The book claimed to be telling a true story about an explorer who found the society at the center of the earth.
  10. In his book “The Soulless One,” Mark Prophet tells of a race of humans without souls who were created by aliens known as “fallen ones.” They were also known as Mechanization Man. The “fallen ones” had superior technology and mesmerized and subjugated those living on earth, mating with them and yet somehow using their technology to create a type of human that did not have a “threefold flame.” The threefold flame was the divine spark of God, a sort of personal Holy Trinity with pink, yellow and blue flames symbolizing love, wisdom and power, respectively.
  11. The Jews and Arabs are fighting in the Middle East because they are carrying forward the war they waged on the planet Maldek, which they blew up with nuclear weapons. It is now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This race of warlike peoples are called Laggards because they are old souls who have balanced enough karma to keep reembodying, but they hang around fighting each other and not making progress toward the "ascension."
  12. Rock and roll musicians are fallen angels who spent centuries locked in hell and were prophesied in the bible as those who looked “like women” and were unleashed in the 20th Century (for some reason). That’s why they’re so angry.
  13. Based on the writings of Antony Sutton, W. Cleon Skousen, Gary Allen and others, The International Capitalist Communist Conspiracy: the Jewish bankers in Europe, including the Rothschilds, got together in the 19th century with power brokers in all countries and planned to control the world through a combination of capitalist and totalitarian means.
  14. The flood of Noah was the sinking of the legendary continent of Atlantis, which sank because of the misuse of technology, which was also tied in with the metaphor of the Tower of Babel, symbolizing man’s hubris.
  15. Another fabled ancient continent, Lemuria, was destroyed because of genetic engineering and misuses of the sacred fire, another term for sexual sins and perversions.
  16. In the 1980s, Elizabeth Clare Prophet put the word out among followers that California was going to endure a massive earthquake and be separated from the continent after 1986. All “lightbearers” should move away from the coasts. Many current and former followers are still afraid to live in California because of her pronouncements. Many people who did not want to live in Montana moved to Minneapolis, which was unofficially sanctioned by Elizabeth as safe.
  17. She also famously predicted a coming nuclear war, telling her worldwide congregation that the Soviet Union would attack the West if the United States did not prepare a space-based defense system as well as a nationwide civil defense system involving nuclear shelters for all citizens. In 1986, she set a date of January 1, 1987, but kept pushing it back until April 1990 so that church members could finish their nuclear fallout shelters. Later, when there was no attack, she told followers that the prophecy changed because this community of no more than 5,000 had built their nuclear shelters.
  18. Shifts in teaching were called “new dispensations.” They allowed for inconsistencies to occur. Many times there was a lag time between the close-knit community starting a new dispensation and the worldwide community hearing about it. This applied mostly to diet, such as the various phases of vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism, sugar and sugar-free foods, and the "fad diets" that would take over the community, such as the No. 1 (raw food) diet and the macrobiotic diet. Some followers attending quarterly conferences would be shocked to hear that “Mother” no longer was a vegetarian and now ate meat.
  19. During the mid to late 1990s, Elizabeth Prophet often called her staff and community into their chapel for “karmic readings.” People would come to the altar, and she publicly claimed to reveal things about their past lives. Sometimes her revelations included serious crimes such as murder or rape, or past spiritual transgressions that had caused shame to the “brotherhood.”
  20. Labors of Hercules: From the late 1980s through the mid-1990s, marathon decree sessions took on a new meaning. Normally reserved for quarterly conferences, lengthy decree sessions became all-day and all-night affairs, every day for weeks. They would last until the devoted would complete the “Labors of Hercules” that they were assigned. These labors included the task of defeating, through decrees and ceremonial sword swinging, millions of aliens in a ghost-like alternate reality who were usually headed toward the church’s ranch to attack it. Many times there were 144,000 spaceships with 144,000 aliens, and the faithful would be assigned 144 Astreas, which at their fastest speed, took about four hours to complete.