Black Sun, Black World

By Eileen Peltier

September 12, 2001

I have tears in my eyes and am filled with grief. Mark and I were there in New York this past weekend, two days before this tragedy. We had a job to install our equipment in the World Trade Center at a new store that was going to be opening next week. Thinking of all the people who have's hard to comprehend. Mark and I left NYon Sunday afternoon. He went to Connecticut and I came home to Minneapolis.

The world changed yesterday.

It seems so cruel that the sun has risen bright and beautiful and clear this morning. It seems so passive in the face of this enormous grief.

Thank you for your memorial. I was in Wisconsin yesterday morning when it happened. My sister called me from San Francisco in a panic because she knew we went to NY and didn't know if we returned. I stayed out in Wisconsin all day not being able to come into the city and go to work as if it was just another day. I decided to plant. Plant perennial flowers that would bloom white in time. White, a symbol of hope that someday the fanaticism will end. So I prepared the beds, weeding and nourishing the soil for the flowers. I planted and prayed.

Seeing your picture of the towers intact and whole this morning as I return to work reminds me how I last saw the towers personally from the air as I flew into NY last Friday. I am always awed by the scene of NY from the air. Seeing the Statue of Liberty and then the awesome sight of Manhattan and all the buildings sprouting out of the tiny island. It's hard for me to say what I felt. New York is an incredible city and I grieve deeply for all the people. It's a grief I have felt many times for people all over the world, bright and beautiful souls who have borne such pain through so many lifetimes.

Cruel Sun

The sun rose this morning.
Bright and beautiful and clear.

My soul awoke this morning.
Filled with darkness and pain.

I faced the sun.
So surreal was the light that I turned away.

Passive sun.
Cruel sun.