by Sean Prophet

Detail of album artwork released September 11, 2001.

Dream Theater has been one of my favorite bands for years. Their music is incomparable. The closest description is a combination of Rush, Yes, and Metallica. Live Scenes From New York is 3 CDs of an incredible live performance of their best work. Part of this same concert can be seen on their DVD release Metropolis 2000. By an incredibly ironic coincidence, the album was released on the day of the attack. I ordered Live Scenes immediately, and before all copies were recalled. I will keep my copy as both a collector's item, and a reminder of the power of the collective unconscious.

The band members are all from New York, love their city, and I think the intention was to metaphorically set it ablaze with their music. Obviously, they feel terrible about the poor timing and bad choice of symbolism. The album will be re-released with new artwork.

This Coup cover never made it to the printer.

One could argue that the artists somehow "knew" that something would happen. But the Coup cover is so identical to the actual image of the south tower explosion, one wonders if the guy came back through a time-warp. In both cases, it is a little too eerie that the cover artists were drawn to use that subject matter at that time.

If there is a collective psyche, is it possible that the artists tapped into it? The attack was obviously being planned for months or years, so the "information" was out there. I'd have a lot easier time believing that, than the words of some 15th century Frenchman.