just read some of the articles. i appreciate the thoughts here. i agree with the much of your view concerning cloning and find myself using identical twins as examples within my conversational circles. i should note that twin studies have shown that much more of one's personality and behavior are imparted by genetics than environment. twins growing up in different households in differing socio-economic contexts display strikingly similar personality traits, interests, body language and political/philosophical outlooks. this is not to say that the same neuro-cognitive states will be expressed between too twins: experience is not a phenotype of one's genetics (but perhaps of one's memetics). on a similar note, i have argued sometimes about genetic crop manipulation. humans have been genetically manipulating crops and animals through selective breeding, culling and hybridizing for thousands of years. i'm not sure i fully understand the difference other than the tooling and perhaps the amount of time it takes to create something new.


Thanks for putting up this site. I've read the whole thing, including the Memoriam. My sentiments exactly. Best regards, KJ

Not bad. Very thoughtful newsletter. You're too politically correct to appreciate Jesse Helms. Nothing new under the "sun". Only a few willing to defend first principles.

Good luck

James Drew

Deephaven MN

It is interesting to see someone like yourself approaching issues from the stand point of common sense, truth and direct experience. It makes for a truly open minded and honest person. People are to quick to align with ideologies such as liberalism and conservatism..... some do so out of intimidation....... and in doing so they forfeit their open mindfulness.


Chester Jagiello

I am crying inside for all those whom I never got to know and died without warning.

All of the best


Thanks Sean for the beautifully written "In Memoriam." You noted at the end finding solace within our inner being and the universal spirit. I would add that finding community with friends and family (the internet is a community too, I guess) is an important way to bring the fruits of contemplation into the world.

Thanks again for the special bulletin, I believe you found the balance between walking the extra mile and not suffering lives lost in vain.