Sean, you keep writing like this and someone's going to offer you a national column!

I can't find anything I disagree with. Except I probably would captitalize Christianity, like I would Judaism or Buddism or Islam, etc.

When I read what you and Kathleen and others have posted, the term "crystalized thinking" comes to mind.

You might be interested in reading some of the writings of Sri Aurobindo, the Indian revolutionary and spiritual visionary, and the Mother (Marissa Alfassa, his counterpart, a French painter and mystic) http://www.miraura.org who sought to liberate India from British Rule in the early 1900's. In his teachings on Integral Yoga, he also soundly renounces organized religion, and says that once we attain supra-consciousness, we will discover that our "moral codes," which change from country to country, season to season, era to era, are really quite silly and unimportant and do not at all have to do with becoming conscious. They both also told their followers that there was a time to follow the guru, but eventually you would have to leave them all behind and journey alone, and off the beaten path.

There's a lot of similarity in what they taught and what I hear you and Kathleen saying, and I find that remarkably comforting.


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I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the Oct. 2001 issue of Black Sun journal, especially your memorium for the WTC victims. I also very much enjoyed and empathized with Exener's piece about Death to the Ways of Being as well as Kathleen's piece describing her own experience with depression and recovery after leaving CUT. Both pieces very much mirror my own experiences in battling the depression that ensues after being raised in a family and community that taught obedience through fear and repression instead of learning to live and be in a loving environment. It truly is about recognizing those horrible traumas, confronting fear and defense mechanisms and allowing yourself to feel pain, and finally all the anger and rage at the people who did that to you. Only when those feelings come out can I begin to live a decent life.

Name WIthheld by Request

Sean, How are you? Thank you for sending me the first issue of Black Sun.

I especially enjoyed the movie review. I will be sure to rent it. Re the WTC event

more of the same sponsored by the same company that brought you so many of our worlds great events,such as ww1,2,now3?. Wouldn't want a generation to miss out on having a war they can identify with would we now? Forgot Vietnam and Korean war. I just can not help but wonder how the average person will ever find their way out of their box when they keep getting stuffed back into the same box.

All the Best!, John

you got to be joking to recommend ABC and CNN for information - propaganda central more like it - if you want excellent articles about what's going on go to rense.com.

Dear Sean,

I really enjoyed reading your cool website! I think it’s a great idea. You as auteur seem to have found a voice and outlet. Your writing is very good.

Enclosed are a few of my Dad’s unpublished political cartoons. Post them if you wish. His email is huffaker@njcc.com

See you soon,