Dancer of Delight

by Kathleen Prophet

Oh! the Dancer of Delight!
(born On Solstice Morn)

What a morn
the Dawning Light doth bring!
not a Newborn
and not another King!

It is You!
the Creatress of Life
the Lover of Soul
the Shirker of Strife!

Dancing Your Delight
out into a World
suffering in the Darkness
your face not yet unfurled

Our Bodies have been crucified
our Blood has been spilled
the Sacrifice great
the Deaths have stilled

And now Exploding from the Void!
She, the Lover of our Souls
throbbing in our blood
heating the black holes

She beckons us to Celebrate
this Union of Divine
in Body Soul and Heart
in Other and in Thine

So... Throw your Crosses in the Fire!
Drink the Blood of your Desire
Dance and Celebrate this Night!
In your Bodies of Delight!

Many activities as well as deaths have emerged over these last few days... and I realize that it is the nature of this moment for all of us...

And THIS morn, THIS day, THIS eve of the celebration of the newborn ancient King an aspect of the feminine that I am becoming more and more aware of is borne out of the great darkness that I have worked with for longer than long is long...

She is the Shakti that dances as the consort to the Great Chthonic being that climbed out of the earth at Marion Woodman's retreat... that Great Chthonic Being is the raw molten material at the core of my being, at the core of the earth... and out it spews, exploding into life in a dance! yes, the passionate dance of Shakti! She was wondrous to behold... and yet, up until this very moment only glimpsed in Others, dreams, images, places I have been traversing both inwardly and outwardly... and until the dawning conscious awareness in this moment... She was still elusive... not in Her ways! or Her delights! or Her magnificent creations! NO! but in my conscious awareness to that energy as being HER!

I dance with many of the Goddesses, the archetypal feminine... of course, most especially, the Dark Ones... whose faces have moved through me all of my life...

yet... it was the GOD as Muse that I have been in relationship with... mirrored to me by the faces of the creative men in my life...

and some place in me has known that until TRULY I connect to that creative movement and expression, yes, as Muse with a feminine face... would I begin to come to my deeper authentic essence...

AND as many fucking books as I read... it just doesn't work to conceptualize it... it never has...

and thus, as miracles go... and this is a season of miracles... Her face has passionately danced into my life over these last days... and this morning, in my revelry... Her name began to come through, Her face... and most importantly, Her heartbeat and fire throbbing in my veins in an ecstatic union! I FEEL HER as a Lover! I FEEL Her as my Muse! I FEEL Her dance through me to ecstatically touch and play with and awaken the many loves in my life! IT IS SHE WHO IS THE DANCE!!!!!

THIS is an epiphanal moment, and I am taken up in Her ecstatic revelry!

may She dance through you with the heat of her passion THIS day... as She is dancing in me....

I said to my soul, be still and wait,
without hope, for it would be hope for the wrong thing,
without love, for it would be love of the wrong thing.
There is yet faith, but the faith and the hope
and the love are all in the waiting. And do not think,
because you are not ready for thought.
So the darkness shall be the light and the stillness,
the dancing.

T.S. Elliot, The Four Quartets