Hi Sean, I saw Fr. Conlan on his recent visit to San Francisco. He said it was ok to reproduce any of his email. I thought his poem at the end of the email was very good.

Thanks for your journal, enjoy reading it.

Bob bobbrock@webtv.net

i thought this might interest you all, my diverse community of friends...love, charles. cdietzel@ismi.net

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The Power of Prayer in Medicine

People Who Are Prayed for Fare Better
Click here for more:


This seems to provide a basis of proof for the power of prayer, but it could also be the result of the power of the human spirit and human will. We humans are all tied together in a manner that is not well understood. The study noted that it did not matter the denomination of the prayers. I think that this study proves that people pulling together and putting their energies behind a cause always results in a benefit (provided the cause is beneficial). In this case the effort was not physical. What the study does not prove is whether the prayers were answered, and by whose god. Since the various denominations were praying to different concepts of god, this argues that the result came from the people themselves rather than an exterior force. I wonder if the same results could be achieved with groups of atheists and secular humanists sending good wishes and thoughts to patients? Also, what happens when people send negative energies, such as cursing someone, or praying for someone's "judgement" or downfall?? An interesting study nonetheless, raising interesting questions. I hope these experiments can be refined in the future. SP

Even the so called 'informed' tend to shy away when reality glares through the windows of the ever current events. Washed momentarily away into a marginalized 'mentality'. But the U.S. citizenry has opportunities, even though the great satan?(again); offspring?, momentarily seems to be holding sway...


or earlier as reported in 1995


gives us all time to reflect. Where are our younger leaders to help get us out of this mess! A friend of reality... prazda@yahoo.com

G'Day Sean ! ... from down-under !

You had some good comments on the USA oil and gas situation.You may be interested to know that our prices are manipulated in a different way.

Australia is 80% self-sufficient in oil, but out prices are double yours in the USA. The reason: The Australian government collects 88% royalties on the crude pumped out of the ground, and then another 60% tax at the gas pump. The justification according to the politicians: "World Parity Oil Pricing". But at least the money goes to the government, which in turn flows back to the people in services etc. Many countries in Europe pay double Australian prices - which means quadruple USA prices. Also ... check out this alternative viewpoint on the war in Afghanistan ...Written by an American investigative journalist who specialises in the CIA. He puts forward a plausible and convincing case - I just don't want to believe it :


Amongst other things, it contains: A link to a BBC World article quoting diplomats saying that the USA was planning a war with Afghanistan back in June. Also listen to the audio interview by the BBC's George Arney on the same web page.


A link to an Indian news agency with a June 26 article saying the same thing



John Kelly jwkelly@bigpond.net.au

Hi Sean & Kathleen, You proably don't recall, we met in 1983, maybe 2 or 3 times. I'm glad you survived till now, those emotions got too close to the physical with your medical conditions. Our paths have some parallels, per the infamous e-mail #6 of 1998 and Rush, we all seem to be working man now and hopefully we wouldn't get fooled again. And I can see why in yours/our case that " glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity" per Cut, ecp, elf etc. But that was long ago and far away. And what has remained was a energy experience, so applying emprical methods I tried to recapture those times of Light and Life; intially by touching quartz rocks, copper pyramids, combinations of both, circles of stones and coils. These worked Ok but not outa sight. The HeartMath info gave me a map upward to consistently connect the energy or 5th dimension. Thankfully I started using tachyon products from www.planet tachyon.com or advanced tachyon technologies; After $200 or 300 worth items significant awareness chages occured from the 5th dim up to the 6, 7, 8 and further. Healing Dao.com books has diagrams that helped explain the awareness that tai chi masters have. And the magazine Shamans Drum also helps show how all life is one. Personally I'd chose lots of tachyons over the cosmic serpent chemical doorway. 2 books say tachyons and quartz create a linkage between dimensions. Cosmic Trigger by Robert anton Wilson and The Pleadian Agenda by Barbara Clow show Shamnism as the oldest faith back to 30,00bc. "Everything is under contol" by RA Wilson , Nexus and Paranioa magazines plus flatland and steamshovel press seem to show whats happened since then. Has for todays world movie & headlines someone please explain how $30 billion /yr over 10 yrs is spent on the cia and fbi, for what? thats like $100 mill / day. How the author of passage to Peshwa says 20 families own 95% of the land in Pakistan, the main form of wealth and wouldn't be giving it up any time soon and this equation isn't applies to the G7 nations; Or maybe try military patents, any patent say the book on HARP and gamma ray patents or just plain old carburetor patents and explain oil "shortages". Or look at how many satellites there are and their capabilities, if they can read " the date on a dime" then why not read your brainwave, see Nov #3 journal and have a nice interaction with said brain. So now we're supposed to feel partiotic, i don't think so. Maybe at some indian pow wow the great spirit wakan tanka will set things right w/ more Light so we can overcome our anger and lost & broken parental trust. And maybe the Montauk Project Is true, who knows, based on how we've personnally changed in the past 10 yrs, the future could contain more strangness. Well, I hope you continue to write and stay healthy. Say hello to mark peltier, he was into that free energy stuff . On a sad note the main merry prankster has gone. Although you've proably went dancing w/ mr brownstone, met mr crowely and took the "crazytrain" off to "never, neverland" Didnit that AV guy william play for Robin Trower? to quote, the man on the silver mountain, Come down w/ fire ,lift my spirit higher, someone screaming my name, come and make me holy again". Sorry to go on & on but death comes soon enough, only the eternal now remains. May the beauty seen in Natrue bring you joy, power and vision. Martin Simkovich Asimkovich@aol.com

To each his own, I say...opinions and conclusions matter very little, individually we all see the world according to what we believe to be true...I read Kathleen's poems...creative and constricting....but hey...that's just my opinion.. Life is unlimited....life is expansive and anything goes....planet earth...ashes...dust, etc. is just one planet...one puny little tiny planet... There is more to me...my womanhood and Godhood will not allow itself to be boxed up...that's the law of my life... Thanks for sharing your law...


Jaime Allison Rambo JaimeMalm@compuserve.com

In a word, Bravo! Keep thinking FREE and share. The unsaid is in my heart with gratitude to the Universe that such as you are here.

Joan Hodge jhodge@cottagesoft.com

Dear Mr. Prophet,

Your observation in 1970'S SANTA BARBARA OIL SPILL KEEPS ON GIVING is incorrect. The tar on the Santa Barbara area beaches is natural and not the result of the oil spill. Its has always been there and comes from the oil fields in the Santa Barbara Channel and not from the '70s spill. BushSucksMooseCock@hotmail.com

We can't be sure that ALL the oil from 1969 has been cleaned up. But you are correct. below is a link regarding this natural seepage of oil.


In any event, the 1969 (not 1970's) Santa Barbara oil spill was one of the biggest galvanizing events in the modern environmental movement. The cleanup and aftermath went into the '70's. At least it caused me as a child and countless others to think about this issue. Today, in Prince William Sound, more than a decade after the Exxon Valdez, scientists are still finding oil just beneath the surface. It may have been forced deeper into the soil by the steam cleaning of the beaches there. Whatever the case, we should be sure that we don't add to any natural seepage, and the fact that man-made oil spills occur regularly should further increase our concern about our lifestyle and its effect on the environment. SP

Good web site, Sean.

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Please Please make the background lighter. White on black is a misery to read.

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Black is pretty much my theme here. But to try it out, I've changed the background to a very deep purple? Do others agree with Andrew? Please let me know! SP