Discovering fire, but not the Sun

by Charles A. Sweet

awkward creation this solid stone wall
yet moves, flashing aurora bright
the tendril of a lonely cigar
would crawl the stone seducing sight

the ardent beast with sophist whims
confuses on-lookers with light
and hides gracefully to their backs
the remnants of prometheus' plight

glorious evening eternal
occupants of canto nine
feeling the parchness upon them
and beat the beast, twice time

pebbles searing bloody palms
believe real all they see
even more so what they feel
what else is there more free?

the scurry of an outcast fiend
of six or more apendages
reveals the fallacy of dreams,
the crueler pains for their wages

sitting smugly by a hole
in the grass that maintains life
miniscule six-legged monster
crawls free from cave night
to see what hopes could foster,
running in sunlight