March 2002

Campaign finance money is not just a distant problem that only applies to the elite and privileged few pertaining to their rights to freedom of speech, but in our inalienable individual rights to equal protection under the laws and constitution. I have had the misfortune to actually experience this loss first hand, involving my attempt to seek equal protection and privileges under the law and our constitution, as those who had the money to pay for more rights under the same, using the ruse of the 1st amendment right to freedom of expression.

When does the 1st amendment right to freedom of expression take away those rights guaranteed under the 5th and 14th amendment to equal protection? If the parties accepting this money are the decision maker over which rights has more power, then all is lost and explains why so much corruption in politics is readily and frequently seen.

Has the alleged free nation of the world fallen to a black market of anything is for sale to whomever is the highest bidder? Are we truly on the same path as lost civilizations whose written history fell into the oblivion where only rumors remain, because their written history was destroyed by a barbaric conquer? Time always brings forth the truth, but rarely in time to remind those who foolishly repeat history arrogantly believing what they do is not the same that caused prior disaster or they can beat it.

M. Turney

Blanket Blockers

Ever since Dec. 1998 I have notice the planes clouding up Los Angeles skies! I live here and was born here. I remember Christmas vacation in particular that year. The sky was clear every morning about 600 a.m. and then the planes would come out and lay contrails and cloud up the skies. All day they would lay perpendicular lines across Malibu Beach, north of Los Angeles, and as the wind current blew the contrails toward the basin they would expand into a brownish haze covers that blanketed the entire Los Angeles sky. This went on for two weeks.

Ever since this started I who have never been a sick person in my life started to become vary sick about four times each year after these man made clouds started to appear. The case of bad respiratory infections all this has caused- that lasted for weeks on end.

They have not stopped! The last two days have been heavy! I mean heavy in that 20-to-50 lines I could see expanded across the horizons. This would black out the sun on what was to be a beautiful clear February day.

Enter summer of 1999. 6 out of 7 days the planes clouded of the sky! I take College Biology and water condensation formed by weak Hydrogen bonds cannot continue for more than 1,000,000,000,000 of a second. But these clouds hung around all day! And seemed to diffuse with the air, but instead of dissipating they would just expand out into what I describe as “Blanket blockers”.

Yes that is what these planes accomplish, they blanket out the sun. Physiologically this has damaged my bright sunny composition about living in famed sunny southern California. Days on ends these planes hover the skies and wisping out there depressed gloom upon my sunny disposition turning into darken apathy.

Some strangers I have spoken to about this deny that planes leave condensation trails only for short periods of time. I tell them when I was a kid, that these trails would last only a few minuets at most. They deny ever looking up in the sky as a kid. They believe it is natural for planes to blanket out the sun.

In the Bible it says, that from the angels will pour out the vials of the wrath of God from the skies and take two thirds of the population with them. Yes, it is in Revelations the last and most bleak chapter of the New Testament.

Can these planes be testing air currents for a new pathogen to be used on mankind when the demi-gods of Hannibal decide to abandon reason and go forth with global genocide all in a twisted effort to save Earth?

Lord have mercy!

Good intensions or not. A hidden hand should not play in your destinies hand. Someone out there knows what the hell is going on. Look at all those planes! They have to have humans flying them - don’t they? Of coerce they do! They are humans and they know what the hell is going on. Lets get one of them to speak up!

Offer them money and fame or glory.

I’m tired of Los Angeles being “blanketed” out half the month-each and every month. And I getting sick every two months and staying sick for at least one month.

Can you sue the government for wreaking your southern California summer skies with “ Blanket blockers?” I sure wish you could. I see no reason why they are doing it? Biological attack or not! Be strait with the citizens. We vote. Better yet! Let's have extreme penalties on politicians that do not tell us what’s going on. Like imprisonment!

Those dame blanket blockers are above my head as I write this! It’s getting old. An all to familiar sight. The end days? I think so! At least we will make it through? Well some of us.

Michael Johnathan McDonald

Copyright © March 1, 2002