To Be Seen

by Sean Prophet

To be true, to be seen
And to hear the sound of bliss
So rare and precious
These moments
All life stands still to honor
The central purpose
Sacred blood and fire breath
Echoes in memory

Hand to flesh
Reaching back in time
To the singular point of origin
No aloneness
No need to feel or be felt
Being one
No fear to show

Screams of delight, terror, and pain
Blend together
No illusion
Just raw passion
No pretense
Is it me, is it you?
Who's in control?
Who cares? We LIVE!

Goddess, golden tresses
Melting feet
What are these spaces between
The times in our soul
Of sheer contentment
Why the struggle of being who we are?
Can it just be me tasting you tasting me?
Chess game of giving
No goal no winning

Can I hold on too tight?
It's really me I'm wanting
Could you let me go?
I can't be me without you
You keep it safe
For the wanderer, traveller
Would be warrior
Who'd lose it all
For a chance to be whole