by Ramón Eduardo Morales Castell - blueboy250880@hotmail.com

The bird breaks the eggshell. The egg is the world.
The one who wants to be born has got to break a world.
The bird flies to God. The God is called Abraxus.

The Bird of Destruction

The one who want to be born
Got to break the world
The one who cannot lie
Got to emerge from inside
and got to release
his fiery mortal wings.

The one who want to discover
The purpose of his life
Need to break the bonds
Of the eggshell of dictatorship-tradition
A world made before
By insensate superstition.

The one who cannot deny
The goodness of all strife
Longs for emptiness unknown
A vast and black space
With only one star dazzling
The star of his own Self.

Behold, I am the fiery one!
The bird of destruction
A soul eons involved
Looking for the freedom
From myself, the world of ego
That caught me for so long.

O the pain slowly increase!
Resounds so far the screams
And the feathers of fire shows
Blood, smoke and horror
That I desired time ago
For now I have born indeed.