Adventure in the Underground - Part 1 (of 2)

The Los Angeles Subway

Photo Essay

By Sean Prophet

North Hollywood Station
Campo de Cahuenga Historical Mosaics
(Mexican - American war treaty signed at this location)
Subway Map
Tunnel through Hollywood Hills
Hollywood Station, with entrance adjacent to Mann's Chinese Theater
My sister and I watched as this window was defaced by two middle-class Latino teenagers with razor blades. In two minutes, they caused perhaps $300 - $500 worth of damage and laughed about it. They were dressed in fashionable clothing and expensive sneakers. No one watching including myself wanted to get into an argument with two razor-blade wielding teens, until a roundish woman in her mid-forties approached them and said "does your mother know you're doing that?" A braver woman than I. Finally transit police showed up, but too late to catch the vandals.

Billions of dollars in taxpayers money spent to purchase beautiful new subways, and these kids can't think of anything better to do than ruin them. Makes my blood boil. We're not talking poverty-stricken gang members here. These are middle class kids the same age as mine. What they need are proper rites of passage into adulthood (Future article coming). In the meantime, I'd like to see those boys forced to rip their designer clothing into rags with which to scrub floors to earn the money to replace the defaced windows!

Civic Center Station
Going up or down? Can you tell?

Part 2