The Golden Fish

by Ramón Eduardo Morales Castell

The history learned
Woven in time's weft
No casual deeds,
Or unconnected happenings
Maybe weave the destiny.
I confess I do not know.

The vision of your birth
Could be an endless path
Unattainable perfect life
Or maybe a line with end
A white architectonic labyrinth.

I confess do not understand.
But I witness with no doubt
The incalculable worth
Of beautiful souls,
The undeniable reality
That life is like an ocean,
That we can be glad to find
Golden fishes with sapphire eyes
In the middle of monstrosity and pain
This changing stream.
Precious souls
That touch us
With just a glance
Such as he has touched
This soul of mine.

A polychrome life
Has been mine
Son of East and West I am
Infinite images
Shown to my eyes
Countless sounds
Whispering to my ears
And many bodies destroyed
Because the law of mortality
I number without stop.

The young man speaks
The young man keep silent
His silence resounds
In every remote place
Red blood in his veins
No blue.
I listen him in the stillness
Of my heart's cave.

My boy angel
Being of my dreams
In white you're dressed
In black
In colour and in velvet
But naked you pass over the street
You walked in the beginning
Back to the place where you were born
You look for redemption
Beyond the frontier
Of your own hope
Lost and found.

Dichotomy of worlds
Past and present
Antagonistic prophets
Bearing the direction
Of ephemeral civilizations.

When has ceased the war
Over the skin of this world?
When has prevailed a god
Completely over the other?
When has stopped being
Any kind of slavery here?

He speaks
He thinks
His silence resounds
In every place of the earth
No god to worship
No prophet to follow.
Are you going to show me
The mystery of life?

That's why I like you
Cause you love a drop
Of rain in your nose
And follow no idol
Able to sacrifice you
On scarlet altars
And your king is a friend
And your subject a breath
Of love for the sincere ones.

The flesh is flesh
The blood is blood
But who can say
What is the mystery of the soul
What is the ineffable matter
Of our own heart
And what is beauty
In the eyes of my beloved.

I beg you friend of mine
Illumine my world
With your smile
Overflow the dam of my hope
With the purity of your honesty
Conquer the unknown land
Of the vacuity
That pretends swallow me.

Yes, I'm afraid of the darkness.

I could bow beneath the God Time
I could bow beneath the God Eternity
But from all creatures
Underneath this blue sky
Yours is the song of my heart
And mine is the stellar shine
Of your eyes.

The Dictator shows now
Monotony of a mechanic life
Dichotomy insane
Of heterogeneous civilization
Slavery of habit and superstition
Emptiness of nothingness.

But I've got my pencil
And I've got my song.
Between all the words
You are the beloved.

April 17, 2002.