Vox Populi 12

Vox Populi Episode 12: Download ep12.mp3
Length: 30 min.

1. Are we born good, evil or a mixture of both? Without religion or state, would society fall into chaos or progress faster than ever?
2. Should the partial legality of abortion remain as it is now? Is abortion a moral act, and in what context?
3. Give us a replacement to the American Pledge of Allegiance, and explain it. Pledge.mp3 Length: 5:38

I pledge allegiance to myself
To my ancestors, and to my family and friends
As a proud member of the human race
I pledge to uphold reason, and the principles of empiricism
Against all forms of tyranny, superstition, and injustice
Preserving the earth and its resources for future generations
One people, ever evolving, in the spirit of friendly competition
Toward a future much brighter than our past

4. Is the age of consent justifiable, and if so, what should it be based on?

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