Prison Bible Ministry Locked Down

CNN is reporting that U.S. District Judge Robert Pratt ordered Prison Fellowship Ministries to cease operations. The bible group accepted $1.53 million in federal funds, and had been sued by Americans United for Separation of Church and State. AUSCS successfully alleged in the suit that the group unfairly used public funds to advance religion.

This is a perfect decision, and the existence of the group in federal prisons was an unjust step toward theocracy. Director of the bible ministry Mark Earley claimed the lawsuit was religious discrimination:

"This decision, if allowed to stand, will enshrine religious discrimination," Earley said. "It has attacked the right of people of faith to operate on a level playing field [emphasis added] in the public arena and to provide services to those who volunteered to receive them."

Wrong, WRONG, WRONG. You see, Mark, if you wanted a level playing field, you would use your own money and whatever money you could swindle out of other believers to perform your ministry. Instead, you are accepting a government handout to go and work your voodoo on the minds of a vulnerable population of prisoners. Geez! Selling false hope to prisoners using money coerced from the hard-working public. Good riddance, you swine.

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adron / June 4th, 2006, 10:07 am / #1

“State prison officials have said they hired the religious group to improve inmate behavior and reduce recidivism — not promote Christianity.”

Idiots. If they wanted to that they should teach the (mostly) sorry bastards how to be intelligent, thinking, alert, and aware individuals – aka, send em’ to college or something.

Of cousre there lies part of the problem, most people in prison are STUPID. By definition they couldn’t hack college if they wanted to.

Oh well. It’s the thought that counts right. ;)

Needless to say it’s a good story with some actual good news. :o

Fortunately they only bilked the taxpayers for 1.53 million. It should be zero but it’s better than most of the amounts some of these stupid groups get sometimes.

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