Cleric defends his jihad, says it's the duty of every Muslim

Cleric defends his jihad, says it’s the duty of every Muslim

“We have no personal agenda. An Islamic system is our aim and we wanted to mount pressure on the government for the fulfilment of that objective.”

This guy hid in a mosque, armed to the teeth, and tried to escape under a burqua. He justified his attempt based on the idea of “saving the lives” of other people in the mosque who would have died in further fighting to save him. Can people please stop claiming Islam is a “religion of peace?”

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vjack / July 6th, 2007, 6:45 am / #1

I agree. Unfortunately, you’ll just get the Muslim variation of the “real Christian” argument. So sad that people have to insist that their pet religion is different from all the others.

Michael / July 6th, 2007, 8:21 am / #2

Islam is not a religion of peace, Muslims simply shout louder than anyone else and when we shout back we have to endure arguments about respect and Muslim sensibilities.

Muhammad Nadeem / February 18th, 2010, 7:52 am / #3

World powers (North countries ) are responsible all for this. Everybody is a terrorist and militant if he or she don't get education, health and other facilities. World powers always tried to dominated the south that is that terrorist/freedom fighter or insurgent rose to change the system. Latin America, Africa and Asia is the best example in this regard. As a journalist my interview with militants revealed that they work only for a system where their basic rights will be guarantee. Muslims are always made scapegoat by their respective governments for American interest. so indirectly USA is responsible for all this. We know that there are Jews terrorist, Hindus and Christians but only Muslims or on the target to achieve some political and economical objectives in Asia region. Why every one is a silent spectator on the issue of Kashmir and Palestine? Killing of innocent children, women and men in these countries are justified, why? if one US soldier dies in Afghanistan/Iraq everyone from USA and Europe highlight the issue and demands of killing more. but if 20 civilians die that time we say that this was a mistake. Propaganda against Islam is main cause which compels other Muslims to hate the people who are committed to disgrace their region. Taliban and Al-Qaeda should be treated with iron handed and people working for those would be punish strictly but not only Muslims. terrorist belonging to every religion should be treated in such way to teach them a lesson.

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