Another of my salon letters in response to this article:

Of all the circumstances that govern a families’ food consumption, the most important is choice. If the fast food is cheaper and tastes better, kids will eat it even to their own detriment. Six gallons of Coca-Cola a week??? Dumbasses. Only education can, over the long term, stop this slide. When consumers worldwide demand better and less processed food, companies will provide it.

Going backward is no solution. There are plenty of people who romanticize what the article describes as “laboring dawn to dusk at the edges of hunger,” which is what humans did for most of our history. These people have it all wrong. No one wants to live that way. For some time to come, there will be a middle ground, between peasantry and wealth, where the most affordable foods will unfortunately be those which are mass-produced. Branding and packaging are a necessary part of that.

There is no way to provide a fast or easy transition between subsistence farming and a wealthy society. Ultimately, the solution to getting healthy food will be to push your $150 grocery cart down the aisle of Whole Foods.

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Francois Tremblay / December 10th, 2005, 9:50 am / #1

Good replies to Salon, however why waste your time on them ? Salon is a stupid, left-wing rag.

BlackSun / December 10th, 2005, 7:46 pm / #2

I enjoy making a good argument over there now and then. Then I just turn around and post it here.

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