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Girl next door who became a suicide bomber

December 1st, 2005 / Newswire, Religion / Comments Off on Girl next door who became a suicide bomber

Murielle Degauque was, by all accounts, a normal child. A typical girl next door, you might say. True, as a teenager growing up in southern Belgium, she dabbled in drugs ...

Damning her with Sentimentalities

December 1st, 2005 / Psychology / 1 comment

Letter posted at Salon in response to this story: Shame on Salon readers for rushing to judgment of a woman who is obviously struggling with a difficult situation. Some writers called her 'selfish' and a 'bitch.' Well guess what: we all are. Humans are guided by their genetic makeup, which predisposes us to favor our own genetic offspring. We are gene replicating machines, and this often has outcomes which are at odds with our modern and expansive humanistic outlook on life.