Vox Populi 15

Vox Populi Episode 15:
Length: 30 min.

Questions of the bi-week:

1. Modern Christians sometimes refer to consumerism as a sort of "religion" where money is "God". Do you think there’s truth to this, or is it a bad analogy?

2. When you observe a religious person acting in a hypocritical fashion, what does it make you feel or think about?

3. Christians like to point at something in nature and tell us how it proves the existence of God. What would you point at to show a Christian why you can’t believe in God?

4. Are human blood sports moral? What if people wanted to have combat to the death as a spectator sport, and all participants agreed? What if the sport does not involve combat but rather a situation where a group goes against deadly obstacles, "Cube"-style?

Sean Prophet’s answers will be posted with transcripts at regular intervals, beginning with VP episode 13. Stay tuned.

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