Sudanese ‘Soldiers of Monotheism’ Murder U.S. Diplomat

Sudanese ‘Soldiers of Monotheism’ Murder U.S. Diplomat

(CNN) — A group calling itself the Partisans of Monotheism in Sudan claimed responsibility Friday for the shooting death of an American diplomat and his driver early New Year’s Day.

“The soldiers of monotheism carried out their operation in killing the U.S. diplomat John Micahel Granville and his Sudanese driver, who sold his faith for nothing in this earthly life, … in Riyadh neighborhood east of Khartoum,” the group said in a statement posted in Arabic and English on several Islamist Web sites.


“Here is the global infidelity harming the Nation of Islam with collaboration with the people of division and hypocrisy in order to push the people away from the path of God and to humiliate the men and violate the honor of the Muslim woman and violate the honors of Muslims in order to raise the banner of the cross above the land of Sudan, but the soldiers of monotheism swore to their God not to give in to this earthly life except their faith,” Friday’s statement began.

“We ask God to consider this act blessed to his generous being and we ask [the] almighty to please the hearts of the believers and please our Mujahedeen brethrens all over the lands of the Muslims.”

Granville worked tirelessly for peace and knowledge, having built schools in Cameroon as a Peace Corps volunteer. Once again, the followers of ‘god’ seem to be trying their best to destroy anything good, compassionate or progressive.

“John’s life was a celebration of love, hope and peace,” the family statement said. “He will be missed by many people throughout the world whose lives were touched and made better because of his care.”

He is survived by his mother, sister, nephew and nieces.

Jane Granville said her son was aware of the dangers in the countries where he worked.

“I did discuss his safety all the time, and he said, ‘Mom, I want you to listen to me. I am doing what I love every day of my life. How many people could ever say that? I get up, I go to work and I try to make a little difference, and I love what I’m doing.’ So that was John’s answer.”

Spoken like a true humanist.

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Peter / January 5th, 2008, 11:21 pm / #1

Here is the global infidelity harming the Nation of Islam with collaboration with the people of division and hypocrisy in order to push the people away from the path of God and to humiliate the men and violate the honor of the Muslim woman and violate the honors of Muslims

How can those assholes that honour their women by insulting their humanity daily by the way they treat them have any honour left?
To spout on about honour is the last refuge of the scoundrel who has nothing left but lies about himself and his goals.

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