J K Rowling is Brilliantly Subversive

J K Rowling is Brilliantly Subversive

NEW YORK (AP) — Harry Potter fans, the rumors are true: Albus Dumbledore, master wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts, is gay. Dumbledore, played by Michael Gambon, was in love with his male rival, the author of Harry Potter books says. J.K. Rowling, author of the mega-selling fantasy series that ended last summer, outed the beloved character Friday night while appearing before a full house at Carnegie Hall. After reading briefly from the final book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” she took questions from audience members. She was asked by one young fan whether Dumbledore finds “true love.”

“Dumbledore is gay,” the author responded to gasps and applause. She then explained that Dumbledore was smitten with rival Gellert Grindelwald, whom he defeated long ago in a battle between good and bad wizards. “Falling in love can blind us to an extent,” Rowling said of Dumbledore’s feelings, adding that Dumbledore was “horribly, terribly let down.” Dumbledore’s love, she observed, was his “great tragedy.” “Oh, my god,” Rowling concluded with a laugh, “the fan fiction.”

Potter readers on fan sites and elsewhere on the Internet have speculated on the sexuality of Dumbledore, noting that he has no close relationship with women and a mysterious, troubled past. And explicit scenes with Dumbledore already have appeared in fan fiction. Rowling told the audience that while working on the planned sixth Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” she spotted a reference in the script to a girl who once was of interest to Dumbledore. A note was duly passed to director David Yates, revealing the truth about her character.

Rowling, finishing a brief “Open Book Tour” of the United States, her first tour here since 2000, also said that she regarded her Potter books as a “prolonged argument for tolerance” and urged her fans to “question authority.” Not everyone likes her work, Rowling said, likely referring to Christian groups that have alleged the books promote witchcraft. Her news about Dumbledore, she said, will give them one more reason.

What a coup! She writes a series which inculcates itself and its characters into an entire generation. Then when it’s over, she outs the hero as gay. In a single stroke, Rowling has done more for tolerance and humanity than a thousand activists. The pen really is mightier than the sword.

Evangelical Christians, as she noted, will be apoplectic.

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Christian Apologetics Ministries at » Blog Archive » Dumbledore is Gay? What is a Christian to do with Harry Potter? / October 20th, 2007, 7:09 pm / #1

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Dumbledore is Gay? - A Catholic Christian Response / October 22nd, 2007, 9:59 pm / #2

I think that an argument can be made that orthodox Christians do not need to oppose the Harry Potter Books. In fact, I have written an little article about it on my Website. Dumbledore is Gay? – A Catholic Christian Response

BlackSun / October 26th, 2007, 9:05 am / #3

OK, Working to Beat Hell, or whatever you call yourself: I went and checked out your so-called “Catholic Christian Response.” Hmm. How original, as a Catholic, you advocate repression. I’m so surprised.

However, even if a fan wishes to accept the interpretation of this Character (I leave this option open as J.K. Rowling has stated that these characters are not really hers anymore, but the fans), this does not make the Harry Potter Series anathema. In fact, given that there is no evidence of Dumbledore ever engaging in homosexual acts, nor does his character ever see it fit to promote a gay lifestyle, it would seem that Dumbledore models the manner in which a person with a homosexual orientation can approach Christian perfection. His life as evidenced in the books is that of a chaste celibate male. While a champion of many counter-cultural causes, it is interesting to note that promotion of an active homosexual lifestyle is not one of these causes. As such, he can actually serve as a example (albeit fictional) of how a person can have a homosexual orientation and still live a virtuous Christian life within the bounds of Catholicism.

Wow, I could go off here on such a snarky rant. But I don’t have to. Or maybe I will. What the hell. You’ve made my case for me. Being gay is OK, as long as you don’t act on it. That’s like saying there’s nothing wrong with fire as long as it doesn’t burn anything. Jeez.

And we’re supposed to take the word of the Catholic leadership on that, huh? OK, right, the ones who seem to do so well by confining their “gay” impulses to young people under the age of consent. Or not.

And this solution of yours completely misses the tragic nature of Dumbledore’s situation. Having not read the books, I don’t fully understand why he was a “chaste” celibate male. But I can be pretty goddamn sure it wasn’t out of a sense of religious duty.

Your position would be funny if it wasn’t so misanthropic. But I’ve come to expect that from people who live their lives based on dogma rather than observation.

Enjoy your state of repression. Now that’s really something to live for.

seri / June 18th, 2009, 2:13 am / #4

"As such, he can actually serve as a example (albeit fictional) of how a person can have a homosexual orientation and still live a virtuous Christian life within the bounds of Catholicism."
haha now this comment is hilarious!! If the so called god does not like this homosexual orientation, why this orientation is even there? and what should those do who have it? So your religion accepts that there is "homosexual orientation"!!!!
haaaa! P.S. great reply!

Myriam Koepcke / June 21st, 2009, 5:31 pm / #5


I believe there is an emerging understanding among the educated of the Magesterium regarding the genetic factors that play into the very complex issue of homosexuality. Unfortunately, simplicity gets results, complexity confuses the majority, so in order to keep their policies simple enough to understand, the Catholic church must continue to politicallly align against gay activism because gay culture–independently of homosexual individuals–has evolved, using all the high tech tools available, into a societal problem so much larger than the simple fact that some individuals are naturally predisposed to same gender attraction. I am not convinced that all homosexual people agree with the new emerging "gay culture" that limits their own expression of themselves, and their sexuality, by narrowing the scope of what is possible without peer pressure interference of the exploration of themselves in relation to their same gender partner and the rest of the world.

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