Anatomy of a Cult Experience

The Hellbound Alleee show:
SHOW #89
Anatomy of a Cult Experience
guest : Sean Prophet
Length: 1 hour

To save entire file, right-click here. Sean Prophet’s interview starts a little over 10 minutes into the program. (Must wait for file to load…)

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Mike Bommerson / January 31st, 2006, 6:03 am / #1

Very interesting broadcast, though I quickly cut through the beginning of the show since its general sound is not what I like to listen to. I think I’ll file it under “historical broadcasts” in the directory where I keep the speeches of Martin Luther King, Yogananda and Mahatma Ghandi. (nice collection by the way).

I studied this decree stuff in a Wiccan environment (Gardnerian) as well as from the perspective of Kriya Yoga (positive affirmations) and briefly with CUT.
I always found the rhytms influenced me in a positive way, whether I could actually understand the words or not.
There must be something about the method that has nothing to do with faith and a lot with human fysiology!

Regards from Amsterdam
(sunny for a change)


BlackSun / January 31st, 2006, 8:40 pm / #2


With the chanting, I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. Some people could go into a blissful trance while chanting. For me it would bring up painful memories of being forced to do it for hours as a child.

Association is a powerful thing, and for me the decrees are a strong negative. But singing and chanting are on the list of universal human behaviors, so there’s definitely a physiological component, I agree. Personally, I love to scream and belt out my favorite songs at concerts! That’s the closest I get to ritual or church these days.

Sandra / February 15th, 2006, 7:45 am / #3

What an interesting piece! I really enjoyed listening to your side of the story, Sean. I remember being at one of your lectures- I think it was in ’88 or ’89..You did a lecture on APATHY…

I hate to tell you this,but it was so long winded I fell asleep! I felt so guilty that I went home afterwards and prayed for hours,asking for forgiveness for being so dense ( I am laughing as I write this)

I often wondered how you and your siblings felt about being in such a powerful positions so young …I actually felt sorry for you at times-I felt it was too much to carry at such a tender age…I remember actually voicing my opinion, and immediately being reprimanded by my fellow “chelas”.After all you were all old souls who actually VOLUNTEERED to do this. Hmmm.. I guess I really was dense…

Anyway, it was great listening to the interview and looking back on it in a different perspective- I actually loved the “Bugs Bunny Decree”what a riot-It’s felt good to be able to look back and see the humorous side of it…I am definitely going to share it with my two “now grown” children- I know they will appreciate it as much as I did.

Thanks for having this forum- It’s been a wonderful healing process for me-even after all these years..

James Prince / February 17th, 2006, 4:52 pm / #4

I listened to your broadcast with great interest. It seems as though you have gone fully into rationalism as opposed to your intensely spiritual beliefs when you were with CUT. I am curious to hear what your current opinion is of the dictations that your Mother and Father publicly gave? Do you believe they had any validity at all or was it all about controlling people? I never met your Dad but as for your Mother she was very convincing up there on the stage. I would find it amazing to think she just extemporaneously and off the top of her head gave those very lengthy dictations. If so she was one of the greatest actresses in history. Your reply would be greatly appreciated from those of us still wondering what it was all about that attracted us so intensely to CUT. There are many of us out here. For most of us it was the dictations that we believed were from the Masters that kept us going.
James Prince
PS…Thanks for introducing me to Rush. Roll the Bones dude!

BlackSun / February 18th, 2006, 9:03 pm / #5


That’s really funny you remember that lecture. It was one of only a handful I actually gave. I wasn’t cut out to be a minister. So much of that was about fulfilling my mom’s and the membership’s expectations. Which led me to do the even LONGER-WINDED one about rock music, which I wish I had never given. I hope my writing isn’t equally long-winded ;-)

For me and my sisters, being put in powerful positions we had not earned was a curse, not a blessing.

I can’t speak for them, but it has taken me a long time to get my life on an even keel. During this time, I had to start at the bottom of a profession, work my way up, learn to respect people, work as part of a team, etc. These are all skills a person needs for life, and being elevated prematurely just makes one resentful and heartless toward others, because we don’t understand their struggles, and takes away a person’s humanity. (At least that’s how it felt to me.)


I wish I could shed some light on the whole dictation phenomenon. Being a part of my mom’s AV team, I know she didn’t use any artificial means (teleprompter, earpiece, etc.). So I really don’t have an explanation for where the dictations came from, how she could talk for over an hour at an extremely fast pace, etc.,etc.

But I will say that she was a good speaker in the dictations, especially in contrast to the lectures she gave. In her lectures, she often read from prepared note cards, and couldn’t remember more than a sentence or two at a time. When using such cards, she had to work hard to maintain eye contact with the camera, and it was tough for her prepared lectures to be used for making TV shows.

At other times, in her off-the-cuff remarks, she spoke naturally.

Dictations, too, were delivered extemporaneously, often with consistent eye contact with the camera, and no preparation whatsoever other than a musical meditation.

We have to look at “Occam’s Razor” which states that we must look for the simplest, most plausible explanations for phenomena. Specifically, the one with the least unproven or unprovable assumptions. The simplest explanation cannot be that she was taken over by supernatural beings who were speaking through her.

There are many people throughout history who have spoken in tongues, or who seemed to be animated beyond what would be normally expected for a human being.

Rather than concluding that we are witnesssing the “holy spirit” in action, I think it would be wise to focus on what was going on in my mom’s brain–whether unconscious, or as a result of sub-personalities who were coming to the forefront during dictations. There are many examples of people with MPD speaking as completely different people, with different accents, affectations, and even knowledge of history that does not fit with their primary persona.

I am not suggesting that this was necessarily the case with my mom. Only that she did have diagnosed epilepsy, (and who knows what other undiagnosed brain conditions?) that may have made her susceptible to hearing and communicating ‘voices’ and differing personalities. Many ‘prophets’ throughout history are thought to have had brain-ailments.

With one hundred trillion or so neurons in the human brain, there is room for many permutations of thought, and manifestations of personalities. I don’t want to say that it was MPD. Only that I think there are many better and simpler explanations than a supernatural presence to produce the phenomenon we observed.

As regards whether it was used to manipulate people: I never got the feeling the entire time I knew my mom that she was insincere. I think she believed what she taught.

Sandra / February 19th, 2006, 9:37 am / #6

“As regards whether it was used to manipulate people: I never got the feeling the entire time I knew my mom that she was insincere. I think she believed what she taught.”

Thank you for sharing that with us Sean. I have struggled within my own being about that very thing…wondering if your Mom was a deliberate imposter, or if she truly believed in what she was doing. I couldn’t come to any conclusion,because I didn’t know her personally.

I did ask that”unmentionable question” once.(very innocently-I was new to the community) A wonderful lady,maybe you remember her -Patricia Johnson of North Ranch?.It was brought up during a morning decree session when it was just her and I.The question I asked was something to the effect of, how do we know that all we are doing here is really what the Masters want,and not just the messenger’s own desires?

First she looked at me very perplexed, like she was either confused, or she simply couldn’t believe what I had asked.I realized then and there, that I had done something terribly wrong…total silence.After for what what seemed like an eternity ,she simply put her arm around my shoulders and said that even though it’s wonderful to question many things…I should never question the messenger….”Now go home and do 1,000 astreas!”…(just kidding)

Never questioned anyone about the messenger after that(although I did ask lots of other questions) I just let it brew inside of me for the next four years.

Still whenever I thought of that, I would get angry, because I felt that we were sacrificing for a cause that was based on a WOMAN’S WORD. I’m a woman, and let’s face it, sometimes we can be very manipulating :) That was my cause for concern.My husband felt otherwise, and felt like maybe ,just maybe there were some entities fluttering about me…better do more astreas !!

Anyway, hearing your insight, has given me something to base an opinion on…I agree with you on MPD…not saying that your Mom suffers from that, but it is something to consider, isn’t it?There are so many practical and scientific explanations to why one does what they do.It’s nice to hear your opinion, since you are her son, and you know her better than most.

I thank you for sharing you insights.
Take Care,

PS Your writing is not long winded-and quite enyoyable to read-I just wanted you to know that!

Doris Tracey / May 15th, 2006, 8:08 pm / #7

Dear Sean,
Hi my name is Doris and am a Keeper of the flame and Communicant of the Church Universal and triumphant. Your Mother and Father gave dictations the exact same way with the oracles of God. Your mother and father were humble before God and were indeed used by great beings of light who do not wear flesh bodies,but wear indestructable bodies of christ(Light}. Mr. Budah where is your ability to discern spirits? I saw Mother Mary when I was four yrs. old and I know the two wittnesses are for real. Your Mother especially has endured great persecution and her love for God transcended her love for her ungrateful children acting like Satins spoiled childred.Sean you are out playing your ancient karma as we all are and your parents saw the end from the beginning and saw the budding of the Christic light within you and your Buddah-hood will arrive on time as your parents could see into the future. God Bless you John Boy and your sisters Erin,Moira and Tatiana and Seth Thomas Francis!

BlackSun / May 16th, 2006, 1:45 am / #8

“Mr. Budah where is your ability to discern spirits? I saw Mother Mary when I was four yrs. old and I know the two wittnesses are for real. Your Mother especially has endured great persecution and her love for God transcended her love for her ungrateful children acting like Satins spoiled childred.”

Thanks for demonstrating for my newer readers the gullibility of CUT members. I always chuckle at these types of posts which used to frustrate me (why don’t they UNDERSTAND?) but now just amuse. If I could only give you a brain-dump of what I’ve experienced, Doris, maybe that would help. But probably not. See, Doris, your need to defend my parents is really your need to defend yourself against coming to grips with too much reality.

And, by the way, leave my family out of this. My sisters, and ESPECIALLY SETH, do not need this nonsense projected on their lives. They are individuals and have the right to live their lives in peace. I suggest you do the same.

If you didn’t know deep down inside that you were living an illusion, then you wouldn’t care about my opinions, or about my family. It would be irrelevant as we crashed in the fires of hell, while you went on to your ‘ascension in the light.’ No? You think you do this because you CARE about us, right? Then don’t you care that we’re happy, or would you rather have us miserably and hypocritically supporting a faith we don’t believe in?

Why the need to witness? Well, clearly you are trying to build up ‘brownie points’ with the cosmic overseers. But that’s not the whole picture. A lot of the motivation for attacking the apostate comes from the fear that the apostate might be right. THEN what would be the value of your life spent in devotion to imaginary beings? Scary thought, no?

Doris, I hope you escape from all forms of spiritual blackmail that place you in such a mental prison. You have all the tools within your own mind and heart to be responsible for your own choices and to face your own darkness and death. You don’t need these fantasies any more. They are a crutch and only limit you. May you live long and prosper–in reason.

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