Church Upset by Madonna Tour

Madonna220506_228x306Madonna gets kudos from me for her courage to stand up against hypocrisy in religion and politics. But then she turns around and supports her own brand of religion (Kabbalah). Weird. Why not accept that no religion is more valid or real than any other–they are all forms of entertainment? If anyone should know that, it’s a woman who has shown herself to be a master entertainer. She’s created quite a personality cult as well. An interesting and talented woman, to be sure. No matter how I may feel about her personal choices and philosophies, she’s not to be written off. Her life and quirkiness are good examples of strong individualism. And at 48, where does she get the energy?? We should all be so focused and self-disciplined.

Yes, she’s a chameleon, but she rightfully doesn’t give a shit what society thinks. She contains the full range of characters and personalities: from porn star, to dominatrix, to pouting diva, now to chaste mother. She’s a master of archetypes. Good for her for using S&M stage props. At least they’re just stage props. (The church, in the form of the Inquisition and self-flagellation, basically invented S&M) An S&M stage show is far less offensive than people watching what amounts to a legitimized ‘snuff’ film, (Passion of the Christ), where the character of Jesus gets flayed alive, then killed on the screen. For all its high dudgeon about the Madonna tour, members of the church flocked to see their snuff film in droves. That’s hypocrisy.

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Aaron Kinney / May 23rd, 2006, 10:05 pm / #1

I saw Madonna at Coachella. She was actually very good. I was never a Madonna fan but I was very impressed with her set. She had the crowd pumped; a bunch of 18-30 year olds. She really does still have it.

Lucky for us, I doubt she will give a flying monkey shit what the religious leaders have to say about her little performance piece ;)

mindash / August 31st, 2008, 6:05 pm / #2

i wouldn’t necessarily view kabbalah as a religion so much as a philosophy for self development based on understanding allegory and metaphor, yes it has roots in the judaic belief system but can be worked with without having any real religious ties

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