There's No God, And We Ain't Lion

A man who jumped into a lion enclosure gave his life to disprove the existence of god, and at the same time should get a strong nomination for a Darwin Award.

Christians and believers of all stripes, I encourage you to test your faith in similar ways. If you say to me, "well, that’s stupid, everyone should know better than to jump into a lion’s cage thinking god will protect them," I say to you, "Exactly."

Thanks to Goosing the Antithesis for showing us how a lion’s meal can be both another claw in the coffin of faith, and a nugget of wisdom for the rest of us.

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Aaron Kinney / June 6th, 2006, 8:46 am / #1

He should win the Nobel Prize for groundbreaking discoveries made in the field of Theology.

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