Extremists Tarnish Religion's Image

Pope Benedict’s recent outbreak of foot-in-mouth disease, and the ensuing violent Islamic displays of religious fervor around the world have caused the Vatican to worry about its image.

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The Vatican’s foreign minister said Wednesday that misunderstanding between cultures is breeding a "new barbarism" and expressed hope that reason and dialogue would stop those who use their faith as a pretext for attacks.

In a speech on the closing day of the U.N. General Assembly’s ministerial meeting, Giovanni Lajolo said extremists are far from devout and undermine the very religion they claim to defend.

But it goes far deeper than that. The Vatican is trying to contain their diplomatic faux pas, while being as much a part of the root of the problem as Islam. The reason we have extremists is because the Abrahamic religions rely on revealed scriptural truth instead of empirical evidence. When believers in absolutist dogma see their world making an ever more radical departure from any congruence or agreement with the "word of god," they get ever more insane.

It’s really very simple. And it goes to the core of supposed ‘religious moderates,’ as well as the more vocal and violent fanatics. When you sever your link to reality and attempt to defy natural law–all bets are off.

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olly / September 29th, 2006, 11:56 am / #1

Couldn’t agree more on this one. Religious moderates especially piss me off, because they refuse to see that often the ‘extremists’ are simply being more scripturally obedient than they are, like it or not.


BlackSun / September 29th, 2006, 7:02 pm / #2

Exactly Olly, the more faithful to scripture, the worse their image. I love it when the church–bastion of unreason–appeals to “reason and dialogue.”

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