Salon, "Your Journey to the Dark Side is Complete"


Letter posted at Salon in response to this story:

Salon, your journey to the dark side is complete. The dark side of religious cultural relativism and the demeaning of knowledge, that is. That this article was written without a trace of irony is most telling. Especially sentences like “there still isn’t consensus on just how the apocalypse will come down or who goes to heaven and when.”

Slack used a weak notion of argumentum ad populum, by suggesting that it’s relevant that an approximately equal number of Americans believe in ‘creationism’ as accept evolution. All that statistic proves is how bad our science education has really gotten.

Why not try actually reporting on the know-nothings if you’re going to talk about them? Like: ask them some non-softball questions and take down their ridiculous charade of false certitudes and credulity.

“Darwin has nothing on the Book of Genesis.” Reason obviously has nothing on Mr. Slack’s fantasy life. What a sick joke.

Thanks to PZ Myers for flagging this story. Must have slipped by the Salon editors on the night shift. Or not. Yeesh.

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just say no to christ / June 1st, 2007, 11:36 am / #1

The creation museum is big news on myspace. One of myspace friends on my list is the creation opposer. So it has been much talked about and the bulletins are moving! I have not been able to keep up with them. lol

It is shocking and apalling that Salon would post about it without any skepticism. I’m not a big fan of Salon though, because of that one woman who runs it with a funny accent. I can’t remember her name right off hand, but I just can’t stand her and nor can I understand a word she says. I have no problem with the heavy accent, but the way she whines is just anoying and you can’t make out anything she says. I especially hate when she comes on the Bill Maher show cause I know I wont be able to hear what the other people are saying over her high pitched whiny ass voice! The only thing that ever comes out clearly is her religious beliefs and she is a nut job that thinks Jesus is the savior for women. Blah! Jesus may have showed a little compassion for women here and there, but he in no way raised womens status! Putting a few bandaids on emotionally and phisically damaged women does NOT give them equal status! When are jesus supporting women ever going to see that??

Sorry about the rant, but if feels good to let it out. lol


just say no to christ / June 1st, 2007, 11:46 am / #2

Oh, and notice that there are no black people used in the creation museum as figures. At least they werent blond and blue eyed. lol Some one needs to tell them that the first humans were back and that it took 25 thousand years for lighter color people to show up. lol Yet another christian slap in the faces of our true ancesterial parents. And the saddest part is that many black people will suport it and rejoice in the christians writng them out of human history again! :(


Christopher / June 9th, 2007, 10:48 pm / #3

The classic problem of Christians and other theists not comforted by their faith. If they actually read the Bible and had an actual relationship with their so-called God they would understand that they can not “prove” God or his existence. Furthermore they would learn that it is not their place to do so – faith is not fact.

The fact that they continue to attempt to push their faith into the realm of the factual cries out that they are suffering from existential crisis that their faith cannot solve. This could be the first of the five stages of grief over the loss of their religion. Step one is denial.

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