Sex and Nudity Aren't Good Reasons to Fire Someone

Sex and Nudity Aren’t Good Reasons to Fire Someone

I am so sick of the priggishness. Tired of people making assumptions about a person based on their perceptions of the other’s sexuality — especially when they base those assumptions on the single dimension of online expression. Flabbergasted at the assumption that if you participate in adult activity online, you must lack judgment, integrity or reliability. Getting naked on the internet is an international pastime, not the whim of a handful of sex addicts. Flashing your booty or treating yourself to an orgasm is hardly a sign that you are incapable of doing your job well, nor does it grant permission for others to dismiss your professional competence or authority.

I love Regina Lynn. Always cogent commentary. One result of increasing publicity and interconnectedness of our private lives will have to be the eventual modifications of social standards. Too bad thousands of people will lose their jobs while this is being sorted out.

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