Making Fool's For Satan

Making Fool’s For Satan

The brainchild of the Rational Response Squad an organization that claims to be on an anti-Christian mission that promotes atheism is actually either accidentally or purposely promoting a more demonic cause. This makes them poor atheists. The Blasphemy Challenge simply asks those who participate in it to condemn their souls to Hell by uttering blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. This mission, which is based on a misinterpretation of the Mark 3:29, has claimed hundreds of adherents who do this incredibly stupid act in response for a DVD of the video “The God Who Was Not There.” The problem is that the process which claims to promote atheism among our youth, actually does not, it promotes the demonic.

Further, a true atheist would never condemn his soul to Hell. Why? Because to condemn one’s soul to Hell is to acknowledge that Hell exists and a true atheist would never do that. This highlights the thinking process of the adherents to the Blasphemy Challenge. It also opens those who do so to the demonic as they continue on their lives blissfully ignorant of the reality of evil. This brings up a practical question. Would you hire someone who took the Blasphemy Challenge? Here is why I ask. The key to the Blasphemy Challenge is that someone commits the act and receives a DVD of the movie, “The God Who Was Not There.” Now if you buy the video, it costs less than $25.00. However, buying one gets you condemned as a chicken by the Rational Response Squad.

So essentially you are selling your soul and the right to not be called chicken for $25.00. Don’t ask me what is rational about this. It does not make any sense to me. Granted the soul may be worthless in the eyes of the blasphemer, but is not so in the eyes of others. So, would you hire someone whose concept of finances is so bad that they would actually sell their soul for less than $25.00? Now we would say that we would never sell our soul, that means that the value we put on one is priceless. When someone offers something that has a value of priceless for $25.00, is that the kind of person whom you would want working for your company, if you believe in adding value to your product?

Fr. Robert J. Carr thinks people are seriously selling their souls for $25.00? Father Carr, it’s satire. What the RRS is saying is that the whole concept of selling souls is ludicrous. The whole concept of being condemned for eternity to hell for a few statements is ludicrous. And actually, the RRS is brilliant. It’s brilliant precisely because it exposes the fear-based indoctrination of the Catholic Church for what it is. It completely de-fangs the entire threat of ‘hell’ or even ‘salvation’ for that matter. Basically, through strength in numbers, people are finally getting up the courage to call bullshit on the Catholic fairy tale. And that translates into lost power and influence for the Catholic Church. Of course they don’t like it. And I love the veiled threat to a person’s future employment at the end. If you can’t threaten them with eternal damnation, threaten them with loss of employment in their present life. Very Christlike, Father Carr.

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