Jesus actor takes job waaaayy too seriously

Video from CNN

An actor at the Holy Land theme park had this to say about his role:

“You have to reach deep…” “Requires a lot of prayer…” “It’s changed my driving…” “I can’t go out to eat with my wife anymore…” “Kids come up to me at the mall and say ‘Jesus, Jesus’ and you have to talk to them, you wouldn’t want to have them traumatized by Jesus ignoring them…”

Method acting is great and all, but this guy has violated the cardinal rule: forgetting he’s playing a role. In a story. About a character. Who probably never existed.


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John P / August 12th, 2007, 7:50 pm / #1

Really. He should take a page from W.C. Fields.

“Go away, kid. Ya bother me.”

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