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I always admire people who don’t just talk about their principles, but put them into practice. With the Energy Transition, consciousness raising is nearly as important as personal commitment. After all, if spreading the word gets a few thousand people to change the products they buy, or reduce their climate footprint, or implement radical efficiency improvements–well that’s a much better outcome than if you as one person stopped eating, driving, or breathing, right? (Just kidding about the stop eating and breathing part!)

Green video network viroPOP does just that. Damien Somerset, Jessica Williamson, and their team produce bite-sized enviro-news updates about once a week. I watch them as soon as I get the email. Always entertaining and informative.

Hopefully we can all raise our awareness and transform our approach to energy before it gets to the point where we have to hold our breaths and worry about an existential threat to humanity. When talking about such sober issues though, it helps to laugh, and Zaproot does the trick.



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