Site Rework

Please bear with me while I rework the site. I’ve commissioned a new logo, which is being designed by Special Defects. It’s not quite ready yet, (but you can see a sneak preview on the about page).

As you can see, I’m also trying to streamline the layout. I’ve folded the posts from the Energy Transition page into the main Black Sun Journal, and they can be found on the date of their posting under the “Energy Transition” category. The Energy Transition page now consists of a collection of links.

I’ve moved the books and links from the main page to a Books and Links page to reduce clutter. The photos will be back later, also on their own page. I’ll try to post more photos, but there’s only so much time!

Also in the future are podcasts. I had one ready to go that was about an hour, but it needed to be reworked. Now I’ve rewritten, and it’s been split up into three shows. I’ve also got plans to interview guests in the future. But everything I do for BSJ has to take a back seat to work I actually get paid for. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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