Holiday Hopes

The Spring Media Group card has become a holiday tradition in my family. Designed each year by Nate Prophet, starting 4 years ago when he was at the ripe old age of 15, we send these to family, friends, and clients. This year it also marks the debut of our new company logo, which will be rolled out with a shiny new website in 2009. Below you will find my very best hopes and wishes for the new year. Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Spring!

Ebonmuse has inspired me with his holiday post to express my own hopes for the new year. This wouldn’t be in the spirit of BSJ if I didn’t point out that, as always, the hardest work getting to peace, love and understanding involves slogging through the muck of our old ways of thinking and being. We know the kind of world we want. So all we have to do is identify and throw out that which we don’t:

I hope we take the right lessons from our economic mistakes instead of trying to further leverage our way out of the problem.

I hope our government finds ways to give the common people a fresh start, not just the big corporations.

I hope we re-establish trust and confidence in our institutions by implementing stringent new ethical standards, making a very public example by severely punishing those who committed fraud or mishandled other people’s money, and most importantly confiscating any ill-gotten gains.

I hope we begin the process of building a new and wholly sustainable and closed-loop society from the ground up.

I hope that “externalities becomes a household word, and people begin to realize the tremendous power of this one idea to change the world.

I hope the solid science team appointed by President-Elect Barack Obama is given full and free rein to align US policy with scientific realities.

I hope Americans learn the difference between climate and weather.

I hope that the voices of denial of the climate crisis, delay of global response, and narrow self-interest seeking to preserve the status quo become just a little more muted this year.

I hope that the California Supreme Court overturns Prop. 8. I hope that in future years, national policy is eventually amended to recognize consensuality as the “gold standard” of relationships, and that marriages of all types be treated as what they really are: binding contracts between adults.

I hope that traditional opposite-sex couples realize that as long as they take proper care of their own marriages, no one else can threaten them in any way. Letting new members into the “club” of marriage strengthens–not weakens–the institution.

I hope that our new President sees fit to end the utterly failed War on Drugs, and spends those billions on new schools, hospitals, and drug treatment programs. I hope America loses its status as the world’s top jailer, by freeing or dramatically reducing the sentences of non-violent offenders.

I hope medical marijuana is legalized nationally, with penalties reduced for possession and use of other drugs.

I hope that we are willing to spend as much money on nation-building and relationship-building in Afghanistan next year as we spend on troops and “smart” weapons.

I hope that we close Guantanamo Bay, end extra-judicial detentions, and reaffirm US commitment to renounce torture as an instrument of policy.

I hope religious leaders become just a little bit more ashamed to thunder on about other people’s private behavior, and a little more attentive to their own domains.

I hope at least one more atheist Senator or Congressperson besides Pete Stark has the guts to come out and admit it.

I hope the mainstream press becomes more reluctant to print or endorse anti-atheist bigotry.

I hope religions become a little less literal, a little less powerful, a little more personal, and a little more private.

I hope we achieve startling breakthroughs at the world’s premier energy science projects, the Large Hadron Collider, the National Ignition Facility, and the ITER.

Finally, I hope 2009 sees a substantial global economic recovery, and that the world will be safe and free from attacks on civilians.

And I hope all of you get closer to your own hopes and dreams. Happy belated solstice, Merry “Mithras,” and cheers to you and yours.

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Amaterasu / December 25th, 2008, 11:05 am / #1

Thank you for your thoughtful overview and sharing this vision for the new year. You always present ideas that are worthy of further investigation and pondering.
I hope that people can be released from the time consuming shackles of eking out a living at the expense of their education and personal growth. I hope that the tragedies of poverty, in all societies, can become ancient history and that societies have a chance to thrive and heal. I hope that education can reach into the family unit and that pathologies can be arrested, dismantled and healed in parents, thus giving hope to future generations. I hope we all learn to question rather than just obey authority, learn to think for ourselves and and only support decisions made by those in power that we believe in. As a race we have no threat from any other species. The only threat to our existence lies in the choices we make. Whether we choose in lazy, blinkered ignorance, or to exert ourselves to learn and choose wisely, will govern our future.
We also have a seriously aging population. I will probably be amongst the largest group of over 65's to ever populate the planet. Not a comforting thought, really!
On that note, have a healthy party season; Cheers.

BlackSun / December 25th, 2008, 11:52 am / #2


Thanks, good points. I glaringly left out any reference to alleviating poverty, which is one of the largest causes of human suffering.

Hopefully the quality of life for all of us will be radically improved by technology compared to what over-65 people faced in the past. Repairing our bodies and brains will give us unprecedented ability to make those golden years really count.

ClintJCL / December 26th, 2008, 1:09 am / #3

Good wishes. Good wishes!

Misha Vargas / December 27th, 2008, 11:58 am / #4

Thanks for teaching me a new word, Sean. I think it might come in handy.

binding free energy | Digg hot tags / December 27th, 2008, 5:33 pm / #5

[…] Vote Holiday Hopes […]

Ann / December 29th, 2008, 8:12 am / #6

Thanks for sharing your hopes for the new year. Imagine if only one of your wishes came true how invigorating that would be. I also hope that our society can integrate successfully with technologies – using them to allow our return to a more natural existence which is healthier for our species. I am in total awe of science and the people who are developing advanced technologies especially in the areas of sustainable energy & eco/environments.
All I can say is "good luck Obama!" He's really got a mess to deal with.
Happy new year to you, Ann

BlackSun / January 3rd, 2009, 8:46 am / #7

Happy New Year to you, Ann!!

mtron60 / October 31st, 2010, 5:00 pm / #8

Has anyone watched "What the Bleep DO we Know" or the sequel "WTB Down the Rabbit Hole" if you so opinion would be great.

Rhyscurrency / November 6th, 2011, 7:01 pm / #9

I hope the adoption drive is a huge success! It breaks my heart seeing so many animals needing homes but more so over the holidays. I hope everyone’s new holiday pet will be a shelter pet : )

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