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Apologies for the announcement being a bit late: The inaugural edition of The Humanist Symposium is up at Daylight Atheism. This new blog carnival has a slightly different focus than the other atheist carnivals such as Carnival of the Godless. According to its founder, Ebonmuse:

…this is a carnival intended to celebrate the virtues of atheism and promote the philosophy of humanism as a beneficial, attainable way of life. I believe the positive aspects of godlessness and freethought need to be more widely known, and I founded this gathering not only to showcase writing on this topic, but to encourage more of it to be produced.

I’ve been greatly encouraged by the outpouring of responses, and we have a full slate of brilliant and powerful humanist essays for you today. I sincerely hope this edition is only the first of many to come, but that’s out of my hands now. Only you, my friends, can determine whether the Humanist Symposium thrives – so if anything you read here today motivates you to consider contributing, please do so! You don’t even have to have your own blog or website to take part, as you’ll see from some of our featured speakers today.

I would like to lend my support to this effort, and will be hosting the carnival on Black Sun Journal on June 10. The next edition is at Confessions of an Anonymous Coward. But the inaugural edition is not to be missed!

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Bowmanave / October 26th, 2011, 7:34 pm / #1

Thanks for the nice symposium, and for the creative strategy to bring more people to our blog :-)

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