Prophet's Daughter Response: Parade of Empty Ad Hominems


It’s been an interesting couple of days over on the Amazon site. Prophet’s Daughter has gotten up into the low 2,000’s ranking overall, charting as high as #11 in Biographies and Memoirs > Leaders & Notable People > Religious. Congratulations, Erin!

At the same time, CUT members just can’t seem to refrain from piling on with their ad hominem attacks. It’s actually entertaining to watch. It started with an email written by Virginia L. Genito, who hadn’t even read the book. Her husband read it and told her about it, leading to this sputtering ejaculation of indignation in blue:

Please feel free to send this letter to all of your contacts. ~ Joseph and Virginia Genito

Dear Friends of Light,

We write this with much sadness in our hearts. We speak of Prophet’s Daughter, by Erin Lynn Prophet, which Joseph has just read from cover to cover. We deem it a betrayal of the Guru, especially at Erin’s level of initiation. The book is a depraved desecration that dishonors her mother and father by exposing the most intimate parts of their lives that should be kept between them. She leaves her parents lying bare on the desert sands, professing to love them while drudging up the past when most have let it go. And what proof do we have that these anecdotes are true? We have only Erin’s word for these allegations.

Erin’s stories are paraded in a compelling (if also condescending) way to make us believe we are reading what really happened—to convince us that the writer is telling the truth. The message the reader actually perceives is a scandalous account of a Messenger and community supposedly built on myth, manipulation and corruption. In our view, Erin’s scheme, a skillful organization of competing elements, suffused with her own self-reflection, is intended to guarantee this outcome.

Our society has been conditioned to believe that it is OK to fling allegations of another’s most personal and private life (Hollywood style) before the masses for their entertainment. But gross distortions and even falsehoods in Erin’s account are readily apparent to those of us who were there during the "shelter cycle" and who knew one or both Messengers. This and Erin’s clear bias call into question her book’s accuracy, reliability and credibility.

In the book Erin professes to want her humanness and a normal life of sex, alcohol and rock music. After such a magnificent opportunity and all of her training, we would have thought at the very least that Erin would have wanted to make her humanness Godlike. On page 245 she professes to want to become a decent human being, with the emphasis on human. What decent human being would write this book knowing what it would do to her parents and many others? It seems that Erin’s god has become her own humanness, to fashion and worship the golden calf all over again (Exodus 32:1-6).

We ask Erin and everyone who reads this book, what moves you, God or human situations–or maybe a little of both? Erin, “If your father were here, would you sit on his lap and let him read this book to you?” Where is your compassion for your parents?

The Divine Mother will allow her children to play their parts in this grand drama of life moving ever forward. But be assured that this part played by Erin Lynn Prophet causes tears of sorrow to fill the eyes of the Divine Mother and run down her cheeks in hopes that Erin’s soul may be able to free herself from the consequences of sin. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Erin, may God have mercy on your soul.

Where would we and tens of thousands of people be today if it were not for Mark Lyle Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Church Universal and Triumphant, The Summit Lighthouse and the Teachings of the Ascended Masters? We would certainly be stuck in our base humanness and not have had a chance to rise out of it into our ascension.

We ask everyone to pray for the victory of Church Universal and Triumphant.

Holy Peace be with you,

Joseph David Genito and Virginia Lee Genito

Whoa! "Tears of sorrow fill the eyes of the Divine Mother." Such melodrama. A pathetically typical recitation of the kind of sentimental nonsense that comprises religious apologetics. "May God have mercy on your soul." Eternal threats of hellfire are always a nice refuge when facts are in short supply. Not a single example of an error or refutation of a word Erin said. Amazing. And I’ve heard Virginia is a Ph.D. candidate?

Marshall Haley then took up the cause, with an equal flash of ‘righteous anger’ in purple:

Dear Friends,

I am grateful to Joseph and Virginia for undertaking a task that many of us intuitively dreaded:  reading Erin’s salacious ‘expose’ (betrayal) of Mother and our Church. 

Erin’s recent letter, emailed to some of us, alleged that she primarily wrote this book to explain to us her reasons for giving up her training to become a messenger.  As Joseph references, above, she also explains that she wanted to pursue a ‘normal’ human life that would include sex, alcohol and rock music.

We might find irony in the apparent fact that Erin has not yet discovered some of the most universally recognized human values, for example:

1) Every family mandala — and could we not include a close-knit, spiritual community in that category? — inherently involves an unwritten ‘social contract’ that no family member will betray the intimate confidences of any other member.  By contrast, have any of us seen a book written by her mother that criticizes Erin for any of her life choices?  Might we suppose that her mother had some insight into her soul?

2) "Honor thy father and mother."  What, do we imagine, would her father say to Erin about these efforts?

Apparently, Erin has chosen to use her high-priced, private-university education (paid for by Keepers of the Flame) in a desperate attempt to pad her pockets by denigrating the sincere life work of both her parents.

Her claim of only wanting to explain her choices to us appears to be a thinly veiled dupe to get TSL/C.U.T. associates to buy her book, hiding her actual intent to destroy those associates’ faith in her mother and father and in our own beliefs.

Don’t we have to ask ourselves, "What kind of person would find satisfaction in reading such a sad testimony of arrested-adolescence resentment toward one’s parents?"  We might only go so far as our nearest grocery store check-out line to find that answer (among "The National Enquirer" and other such ‘normal’ accounts of all-too-human life in America).

Hopefully, this writing exercise might help Erin purge her soul and four lower bodies of the related substance that seems to testify to perversions of virtually every line of the Cosmic Clock, and that she might come to realize to what extent she has thereby compromised her own integrity.

How interesting that Erin — born an Aquarius, and once given an opportunity to support our common goals — goes to such trouble to attempt to undermine the "Aquarian Age Gospel" that her parents gave their lives to publish for the soul salvation of any so blessed to gratefully receive it. 

Although Erin apparently no longer believes this, we are taught that the sponsoring Master of our Sun sign greets us as we leave embodiment (if our soul is still so connected).  Can we imagine what Saint Germain might have (had?) to say to her on that day?

In Loving Gratitude for Opportunity,

Marshall K. Haley

Of course Marshall dreaded reading the book. It might have caused him to actually be forced to get out of his soft purple haze of a spiritual comfort zone. Now he doesn’t have to, since Joseph Genito did his reading for him. And they can all reach their single-minded conclusion based on one man’s trembling report: "It’s bad, really bad. It’s nothing but sex and scandal." Well done!

We are the Borg, resistance is futile.

It’s nice how Marshall’s "loving gratitude" includes accusations of "arrested adolescence," and compares Erin’s writing to tabloid journalism, with a measure of guilt thrown in for her very education. If that’s love, Marshall, what do you say when you hate someone?

Not to be outdone, "John Flammo" cut and pasted this one-star review "A Hall of Mirrors" from Virginia Genito’s email (nearly verbatim) over on Amazon, to which I responded:

John Flammo’s "review" is shamelessly plagiarized from an email currently being circulated by longtime CUT member Virginia L. Genito. I doubt he has even read the book. The only thing worse than the dishonesty of posting someone else’s writing as his own is believers’ tendency to circle the wagons and march in mental lock-step.

John: think for yourself. Virginia’s email does not address the truth or falsity of any of Erin’s statements, only to her dissatisfaction at hearing them. I challenge you or anyone to point out any factual errors in her book. I can tell you, you won’t find them. Your real problem is just how inconvenient the truth she’s spoken has become to your belief system.

Next is Diana Poole, with "I (Eye) Witness" who continued the ad hominems in her one-star review:

I believe that Erin’s problem is with herself. Anyone who knew Erin knew of her temperament. She claims to have lost her teenage years when the only thing she really lost is a preconceived idea (from her twenties) what she thought her teenage years should have been like because they were not like the lives of teenagers outside the church. She did not have sex and alcohol. Poor Erin. She blames this on her mother, so now she wants to destroy her mother and the church. Any good psychologist will tell you that if you are putting the blame outside of yourself, you have a problem.


Are Erin’s allegations true or untrue? Let a court higher than ours decide. What matters here is each one’s direct experience with God and the witness of those who experienced strikingly similar things–not in the emotional and rational realm–but in the realm of Spirit.

Hmm. "Let a higher court decide." Is it just me, or is the spirit world and afterlife the refuge of scoundrels who have run out of arguments?

Next, like the other reviews listing only "Montana" as a location, came CUT member Michael de Los Angeles with "Pathetic and Sad" his one-star denunciation:

This book is a weary reflection of Erin’s psychological non-resolution with her mother. The fact that her mother (who is incapacitated) cannot even respond to Erin’s accusations and fabrications is an indication of Erin’s cruelty to her mother. The book is laced with inaccuracies, hatred of her parents and is more a mirror of Erin’s guilt about leaving her position in the church and her need for recognition by others, than of setting the record straight about her mother, her church or the shelter cycle. Don’t waste your money buying this. It is mostly fiction.

I responded:

Having been present for most of these events, Prophet’s Daughter only corroborates what I saw. I can attest to Erin’s laser-sharp accuracy. In many cases, Erin tells the story more charitably than it deserves. In my discussions with her, she has always erred on the side of compassion for believers. Given her position, I also think it took tremendous courage to write this book. CUT members who don’t like what they’re reading need to open their eyes and take a hard look at themselves. Erin’s holding up the mirror for you, so go ahead: give yourselves a good stare. It’s hard to admit you’ve been duped–I understand. But denial only makes the problem worse. (It’s called chasing "sunk costs.") The ad hominem attacks are so predictable–I’ve been dealing with them since 2001. Faced with overwhelming evidence and damning testimony from the ultimate insider, all you can do is attack her character. Really, really weak.

Then today, another one-star rip-off of the original Genito email, this time not cut-and-pasted, but paraphrased, from Orlando E. Johnson, "A Sad and Cynical Tone:"

My critique of this book by Erin is not about the account of shelters, court cases and other events that happened in the past. It is about the tone in which this book is written, a tone of resentment, bitterness, sarcasm and holding people’s spiritual beliefs in derision. Would any parent want their child to write about them in this way? Can the author honestly say she loves her mother when she uses personal anecdotes and interpretation to publicize the private elements that exist in every household? Can we honestly feel sorry for an author who received an amazing education and so many other benefits from the very movement that she criticizes? Can we believe her when she says she wants to be a "decent human being" and at the same time mocks a legacy that is truly tremendous? If you are looking for a more balanced, helpful and uplifting account of Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s character, work and struggles, I recommend you read the book Masters, Miracles and Mirth by Therese Emmanuel Grey. For an exceptional account of the early years of the Summit Lighthouse, read All for the Love of God by Alex Reichardt.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes. CUT members are so far removed from reality, not only can they not digest the facts even when they are spoon-fed, they can’t even figure out their own ways of relating to the material. It’s like the same person wrote all 4 of these reviews–and for that matter, both the emails that started the process.

We are the Borg.

Propaganda hasn’t been this tight in the U.S. since the McCarthy era. Worst of all, these believers and those who agree with them don’t understand that Erin has actually tried to be sympathetic in her book. Certainly far more than I would have. After seeing their angry attacks on her character, Erin might want to rethink her strategy. As I’ve long realized, you can’t win with believers. As long as you coddle their fantasies, you’re their darling. Erin was always the "good daughter"–until now. As she’s no doubt realizing, break the believer’s spell and they spit you out like a rotten oyster.

My response to Orlando E. Johnson:

This review practically screams "didn’t read the book." So far this makes 4 one-star reviews from longtime CUT members and staffers who dislike Erin’s conclusions and wish they didn’t have to face the harsh reality of the shortcomings of their "guru." One of the 4 cut and pasted his "review" from an email, and this one seems to have paraphrased the same Virginia Genito email. This is a place for REVIEW of the material, not expressing an opinion on whether or not an author should have written it. The book is published, people. Obviously Erin thought long and hard about what she was going to include, and made very careful and difficult choices.

Regarding Alex Reichardt’s book. I was there during the time period he discusses, and watched the interactions between Alex and my dad. Regardless of how Alex may feel about it, they don’t provide a flattering picture of my father. But I will refrain from commenting further on Alex’s book until I’ve read it. Some of the same people who have given Erin one-star reviews are gushing with five-star flattery for Reichardt. How can they do this when they weren’t even there? How can they discount the reports of people like my sister and I who were? This is cherry-picking, denial, and intellectual dishonesty of the highest order. What does this kind of response to Erin’s truthful book say about the mental integrity of the CUT belief system? Beliefs about religion and spiritual icons should be subject to the same scrutiny as other beliefs, especially when they concern hypocrisies of leaders responsible for the well-being of thousands.

Erin took great pains to explain her mother’s spiritual rationale. She gave her mother the benefit of the doubt, even when her actions caused harm. Erin ultimately concludes that her mother meant well, regardless of the outcome. I don’t see how much more charitably Erin could have told the story without actually bending the facts. It is stunning to watch how believers can twist Erin’s extra effort to be fair to the story. I watched this book evolve to the point where I consider that it is in many ways fairly sympathetic to the ascended master belief system. But believers have such a siege mentality, they clearly can’t see when they’ve been thrown a bone. Regardless of how damaging it may be to their mental house of cards, the truth is the truth, and my sister has told it impeccably.

Let the games continue. Some friendly advice to CUT members: I was once in your shoes, and if you can’t do better than these despicable examples of character assassination, you should stay on the sidelines. I’m actually embarrassed for you. Even when I used to be a minister, proponent, and defender of your faith, I still cared about what was true.

Sorry if I sound like a bad sport, but I’m looking forward to reading a real critical review of Prophet’s Daughter, with an actual dispute of a fact or an argument (gasp!). Apparently I have to state the obvious: you concede by default when, rather than make an argument, you paint my sister as an ungrateful scheming (yet depressed and suicidal) fallen betrayer who needs God’s mercy on her soul.

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Susan / February 24th, 2013, 10:58 pm / #1

Page 3

I forgot to list one more bit of research that I found. A book titled, "Psychic Dictatorship In America" By Gerald B. Bryan. It is rare to find, but I managed to locate a First Edition (which makes the book 73 yrs. old, but it is in very good shape) In it Bryan exposes Guy and Edna Ballard who started the "I AM Movement". As I understood it, Mark Prophet took a lot of his material from them when starting his own movement. This book can be found at ABE, but it is not cheap. I felt it was worth it, since I wanted to find as much material as I could in how Mark and Elizabeth Prophet and their teachings came about. There were law suits against Guy Ballard concerning fraudulent use of the mail. There were also law suits that Guy had to deal with where he stole little old ladies of their lives savings. Guy and Edna were nothing but charlatans. So much for a movement professing to have an open channel to the Masters.

I believe that I have entered all the research that I found. I hope that people will take the time to read it.


Doris Tracey / February 28th, 2013, 11:17 am / #2

I think our messengers transferred free thinking to their offspring. I read this book and much of it I found to be very interesting! Toward the end though I felt sick and sad and couldn't shake that feeling for a week. I told Erin in an e-mail how I was affected by her book and she responded to me in a very compassionate way. The sick and sad feeling left me.

Susan / February 28th, 2013, 1:29 pm / #3

Hi Doris,

I found Erin's book full of compassion and was amazed at the restraint that she had communicating all that she knew, went through, and spoke of in her book. She did not look at everything as right/white, or wrong/black, but rather she looked at all the various shades of grey that are also in our lives and in her book.

It is heart rending to read such a book and it does leave you feeling bad. I know that I went through some changes when I was first researching ECP, but I made it through it. You just cannot turn your back on the truth. It is important to face up to it.

I am glad that you were able to email Erin and that she was able to help you through the changes you were experiencing.


unnamedfornow / March 7th, 2014, 9:35 pm / #4

I am working my way through these comments after just ordering Erin's book – waiting eagerly to read it. I was never part of CUT but had been working with an 'offshoot' group?? There is a guy that knew ECP who left the Ranch at some point but counseled many people over the phone even though he has no credentials to be a counselor. I found out about him through a co-worker and started sessions to help me with depression. Next thing you know I'm being told about all these whacky teachings I'd never heard of. But the guy was so smart and so convincing I got deeper in.

unnamedfornow / March 7th, 2014, 9:36 pm / #5

After 6 years of private sessions and classes on "the teachings" with this guy I finally started to question when he gave me some really really off guidance to stay in a very abusive relationship saying it was my karma to save the soul of this drug addicted manipulator. That was it, once I started questioning I was out – he refuses to talk to me or return my phone calls. I've suffered extreme PTSD from it all. His associates and other students staunchly defend him and say he owes me nothing. This blog and these comments are helping me to see the fear mongering – all his predictions on 2012 and beyond, all with the subtext "unless you're in my elitist group you may not be saved". At times it's reminded me of Hitler – who also thought it was his mission to "save Terra". How can these people be so invested in such altruistic ideals and treat others so abusively? It's the worst thing I've ever experienced. I'm grateful for the opportunity to connect with others who have experienced similarly via this forum.

Tilly Tullt / January 10th, 2015, 11:20 am / #6

All I know is that The Teachings of the Ascended Masters are the best ever. Thanks to Guru Ma and Beloved Ascended Master Lanello to be obedient to do God's Will. Erin, had to wait until her Mothers death to do her dirty work the fallen ones love to there dirty work and condemn the Children of God even at death. They feel the need for attention because they realized that is the only time they can be heard because that is how the devil and fallen ones are they cannot stand the light and know that they will be judge at the end of there life. Erin this message is to you there is a end to evilness but no end to goodness. Have a nice ride

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