Marines Enforce Off-Duty Dress Code

Marines Enforce Off-Duty Dress Code

It’s not quite Iran, but the military fashion police are out in force in America, proving that the Middle West is often more like the Middle East than not. The Marines have suddenly become obsessed about what their soldiers are wearing off-base and off-duty.

Under the new regulation, Marines in camouflage cannot get out of their vehicles to run an errand or grab a meal on their way to or from the base. No pumping gas, running into the post office or picking up a cup of joe, either.

Although Marines were always largely prohibited from wearing uniforms off base, they were allowed to make brief stops during their commutes. Now they can stop only for a medical emergency, a traffic accident or a breakdown.

Around Oceanside, a community about 35 miles north of San Diego where Marines from neighboring Camp Pendleton are a common sight, the most noticeable effect is at fast food drive-thrus. Long lines are forming because Marines in uniform are not allowed to get out of their cars and go inside.

What kind of nonsense is this? It’s not enough to volunteer to put your life at risk defending your country? Now you can’t even make a stop on the way to work? With everything our military has to worry about, they fret over what soldiers are wearing off-duty?

Marines caught in uniform off base can get a warning; for repeat offenses, they can be restricted to their barracks and their pay can be docked.

While the military has always had strict guidelines for what service members can wear, even out of uniform, Conway said the updated regulations are about maintaining Marine “uniformity and pride in appearance.”

“It wasn’t that Marines were blatantly breaking the rules. It was more of a tradition, and we just needed to get it back in the box, put it in writing and say here’s the policy, here’s the rules,” said Staff Sgt. Jesse Lora, a spokesman at Camp Pendleton.

Yes, ramrod sir. Let’s get it back in the box. Under wraps, under lock and key. Control is good. But then they get downright personal about it. When you sign up for the Marines, they literally own your skin:

Earlier this year, the Marines banned extra-large tattoos below the elbow or the knee, saying such body art is harmful to the Corps’ spit-and-polish image.

Under the updated Marine regulations, women are prohibited from baring their midriffs, wearing any lingerie-type clothing on the outside or wearing low-slung pants or blouses that show excessive cleavage.

Excessive cleavage. Bare midriffs. Blatantly sexist regulations, which are totally open to interpretation–like all dictatorial mandates–which keep enlisted women submissive and living in a state of fear. This causes them to overcompensate, lest they be singled out and humiliated. Remember, this covers off-duty appearance, which essentially means Marines are never truly off-duty.

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A1 Laminators / August 1st, 2012, 2:34 am / #1

Marines must be careful of what to wear even they are off duty, especially if they are not home. People always respect for what you are.

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