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"Socialism, Communism, go to Russia!" shouts the woman wearing a cross. "He should die," "Socialist Swine," "Terrorist." These are not the epithets of a civilized society. "That guy gets elected, he hangs around with Terrorists!" "He’s a lawyer, we don’t need more lawyers in Washington." "Commie Faggots!" "You killed 50 million babies with abortion!" "Screw Obama!" "European socialist!" "Sleazy scum of the earth."

The videographer asked the man who said "Obama should die," "do you really think Obama should die?" his response, "everyone dies."  

Then a rousing drunken-sounding chorus of "God Bless America." Yeeeeeshhh.

I’m ashamed to share a country with these people–no question. The hatred, ignorance, and prejudice is so palpable, it makes me wonder what kind of future we have. Half our population more or less falls in this category. A hundred years ago, it would have been a lynch mob and this crowd would have been picnicking while people were hanged.

Are we doomed to this nonsense every election cycle? Do we really want the future of our country decided this way? Really??

The intelligentsia and technocrats are in a stalemate with the rabble. Then the soccer moms of about 5 states, plus the coal miners of Virginia and a few other small demographic groups break the tie while we fret over hanging chad and electronic voting machines.

Democracy??? You decide. For a nuanced (if slightly apologetic) discussion of the psychology at play, read Jonathan Haidt’s fantastic article on Why People Vote Republican at the Edge.


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bulldada / October 24th, 2008, 5:41 pm / #1

Yup, it was made up. Proves my point, that crazy people are on both sides of any argument. For instance, the whole “kill him” thing that McCain supporters were yelling, turned out to be just as false as this crazy bitches story.

Happy&Free: .) / October 25th, 2008, 3:10 am / #2

First of all she’s a human being! Not a Bitch! Get ur species straightened out! She obviousl;y has a serious issue that needs to be appropriatly taken care of & prison ISN’T THE ANSWER! So if Obama or McCain get elected, issues such as the prison issues in this Nation remain the same! Jails get bigger, individuals like the woman in this incident don’t get the help they need & life for the financially well off prosper. While Israel gets millions of dollars & spoiled Americans continue to whine like babies about the economy they created, supported & nurtured & U.S. childern r still below average in math & science statisticly against the world! Let alone all the depression & stress they go thru! No wonder they’re suicidal half the time, addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex & prescription drugs! And what kind of adults do they turn out to be?! People who desperatly seek God, Organised Religion, psychiatric and psychological help (psychiatrists & psychologists who still don’t know what to do for emotionaly & psychologicaly distraught individuals seeking to be saved / helped from their confusion or disturbed state!). And all thanks to who?! THE FREAKIN ADULT ARROGANT WORLD, WHO THEMSELVES HAVEN’T GROWN UP ENOUGH TO HAVE THE RIGHT TO RULE THE WORLD THE WAY THEY DO!!!!!!!
No Matter what, It’s A Dictatorship! And I can confidently say the hell to Government !! I no longer want to be a part of this Illusion of Human Adult Creation! Because No Matter What, Who ever Wins, It’s Going To Continue to Be a Messed Up U.S.of A.! Fear Is what Keep Humans Stuck In their Ruts! Not Bush, Bush’s Father, Clinton, Nixon, Reagan or The Next Future President of These (Not) United States, Have been or Going To Be The Reason Behind any Problematic Issues in this Nation! It All Falls Upon We The People of the U.S. of A.! There R Four Branches of Government (not 3!) – The People Who Vote (the 1st Branch), then the Three Branches Who R Voted in By The First Branch! The 1st Branch decides, When they vote, they R Not Capable of Being Leaders of Their Lives, So they Vote for Scapegoates to Blame and Whine about when things go wrong!
There is No Time for Clubbing, Rock Concerts, Dinning, Expensive Elaborate Parties etc While the Men & Women U all Put in Positions of Authority Over Ur Lives, Decide Ur & Ur Children’s Fate & Future! REAL ADULTS DON’T HAVE TIME TO PLAY – PLAT TIME IS FOR CHILDREN or WITH CHILDREN!
Governments Have Risen and All Have Failed Equally! There is No Guerantee this Nation Will Last Longer Than Rome Did! If this Nation fell tomorrow, What would u all do?! Stick around & continue to complain?! Or take Immediate Action because ur lives Depended on it?! Voting isn’t Everything that Makes for a Nation. It takes Unity! And this Nation is Not United! Wake up and Really get Involved In Ur Nations Future, Stop Complaining!
Government isn’t any different than Organised Religion! It’s all the Same Lies & Nonsense!
And that’s THE TRUTH whether u like it or Not!

Orion77 / October 27th, 2008, 3:19 am / #3


You claim early on, in your rants here, that Obama’s ideas are socialist and therefore he is a socialist. I don’t think you even understand what the term means. You parrot this ignorant politically contrived slur, like a devoted young Hitlerjugend singling out Jews for special treatment.

And, I’ll bet my right-wing arse, you’ve never left the good old US of A & visited the “socialist” hell holes of Europe, Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, where as one example, universal health care is considered a fundamental right for all citizens, rich or poor. How can it be socialist, for a government to spend the voters taxes, delivering free medical treatment, to the people it serves? Oh yeah thats right, you believe it because Republican politicians, acting on behalf of Medical Services Corporations, keep telling you it is so, in your best interests, of course.

You are an ignoranant buffoon, a true gift to advertising agencies, political shysters & religious conmen alike. They need you, so stay stupid!

bulldada / October 28th, 2008, 4:45 am / #4


I understand what socialism is. And Barak Obamas ideas for this country are socialist.

And it looks like youve lost your “right-wing arse”. I lived in Europe for 5 years. Health care there is rationed out. In fact, in the UK because the hospitals are so full, they now give doctors bonuses for NOT sending people to the hospital. They also have privatized health care for doctors and nurses because they want them to get better faster. The US has the best health care system, because it’s private, because it allows for competition. Furthermore, name one government institution that the government has been successful in? Why would you trust these people with your life and health?

Health Care is not a right. I understand you need someone to take care of you. I however am an independent being. My body, money, health, car and guns belong to me. I belong to myself. Who do you belong to? Or, rather, who do you want to belong to? On Nov. 4th when you cast your vote you’ll decide. Vote Barak, you willingly belong to the Government.

jim coufal / October 31st, 2008, 1:40 pm / #5

It got tiresome reading the my “mine is bigger than yours” comments, so unfortunately that seem more and more to fill humanist/atheist blogs. But here are couple of thoughts based on the many responses I did read.

1. My son has lived in Alaska 13 years. He received oil royalty checks long before Palin.

2. About American car manufacturers, when the Japanese autos captured the market there was a saying, “American manufacturers hired more lawyers, the Japanese more engineers>” Do we ever learn? In a free market, caitalist system shouldn’t the American auto companies be allowed to go belly-up, or are there more consideraions, like social ones?

3. If global climate change is a hoax, it is second only to the hoax of religions.

4. If because I’m a guy (an old one at that), and should’nt be concerned with women’s rights, hoe far do we take that concept? I’m no longer a child so I shouldn’t be concerned with cildre’s rights? Not an animal, so… Not a cancer patient or a diabetic, so…?

These conversations are fun to read (within limits!) but I suggest the have little impact beyond catharsis for the writers.

Cynical Jim

AmenAS/H&F: .) / November 1st, 2008, 10:25 pm / #6

Had to jump in and say Amina/Jeanne from France had nothing but possitive things to say about France’s medical care. And knowing other Europeans I’ve never heard complaints about their health care. America’s health care needs impovement and that’s all there is to it. It’s not good enough. I’m not a person to settle for mediocre or stagnation. Progress is part of living every day. Failing to change America’s Health care because it’s doesn’t need to is a lie & therefore a direction to death, deterioration & a falure to progress, not a direction to & for Life.

Al / November 29th, 2008, 8:48 pm / #7

Kinda late, but wow, Obama actually won the popular AND the electoral vote – is GW jealous? Also, I know people who live in Norway, a socialist country. They laugh at insinuations that socialism is evil – they are very happy over there, contrary to the masses of Americans struggling these days. The Republican party will continue to erode until they can prove that they can think and evolve. Extinction may happen before that happens. How are you Sean!?

BlackSun / December 1st, 2008, 8:36 am / #8


I’m good. It’s interesting how buzzwords like “socialism” can get people to stop thinking. There are two trends in government that I see that are hopefully unstoppable:

1) A reduction in tolerance for trampling of minority rights. This can be seen in narrowing margins for bigoted ballot measures such as California’s Prop. 8, as well as greater support for global action to prevent crimes against humanity such as genocide.

2) A recognition that how the most vulnerable in society are treated reflects on the ethics of the whole society. Call this socialism if you will. Another part to this shift is the understanding that we must assign fractional externalities to those responsible. In plain English that means costs such as pollution, CO2, and replacing non-renewable resources (any cost incurred to someone who is not party to a transaction) are rolled into the costs of the products we buy.

These two titanic shifts in consciousness are being resisted by those who refuse to think of humanity and the earth as an interconnected whole.

Now, within this framework, paradoxically, if it is administered properly, we should be able to have the most individual freedom. Sometimes it takes a structure to set us free.

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