Cindy Sheehan for President by Kristen Lombardi

Cindy Sheehan for President by Kristen Lombardi

This windbag couldn't run a village, let along a country. Public grief can't be listed on a resume. If we're going for celebrity nominees, I nominate Bill Maher.

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Koratikere / December 8th, 2012, 9:18 pm / #1

Elizabeth,I actually do want the Dems to bemoce Republican Lite. In fact if they want to rebrand themselves that just might be effective. Miller Light regularly outperforms Genuine Draft.You are awfully confident that Gulianni could never get the nomination. I think that if he doesn’t it will mostly be because he is not a disciplined enough candidate. I can’t believe he made such a gaffe nominating whats his name for head of Homeland Security. First big federal stage policy move and he flubs it. I worry he will continue in that vein.Some of it will depend on Bush’s supreme court picks. If he gets 2-3 picks through I think the social conservatives will be able to handle a Gulianni as head of the ticket. They won’t be as thrilled but there is an awful lot of wiggle room for Guliani because of his dignity and manliness on 9/11. Hard to rebrand him as weak even as the years pass.’07 will be a very interesting year for the Republicans. The party is going to have to decide what direction to head in post Bush. Small government folks and libertarians are going to make a lot of noise. Social conservatives may be feeling too cocky. I think the Dems obsession withvalue voters has made the social right over estimate their importance (large though it is). Personally my efforts are going to try for a Gulianni/Rice ticket. Something for everyone!I am unaware of anyone being as slammed by other republicans in the last 8 years as you state. Can I get an example? Voinavich is about as close as I can think of. He didn’t just wander of the reservation – he tanked Bolton without attending of his hearings. Then he bizarly cried on the floor of the Senate. Castigating him for this is not just about a political position – it is about behavior. If he had made a cogent argument against Bolton I don’t think he would have been as slammed. He acted in such a way that whatever his positions he was an ass.The republicans who signed the letter sidestepping a possible philibuster were roundly criticized as many were worried it was a bad deal. I think they are looking pretty good now. If Roberts gets an up or down vote that may go quite a way for McCain’s presidential hopes. If Roberts doesn’t I think he is beyond sunk. What is cool about this is that McCain’s standing will rise or fall based on effectiveness. There are those who want ideological purity but they aren’t running the show for the Republicans at the moment. (though some are really really trying!) Doesn’t seem that way over on the Dem side of the aisle.

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