Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Riots in France shattered the utopian euromyth of social equality this past week. But they also highlighted the stupidity of a population that waited so long to take action that they created a powder keg. The match that lit the fuse was two teenagers killed after hiding in an electrical transformer vault! Now if that doesn’t get a Darwin award, I don’t know what does. Whatever the kids were up to in that vault, it was no good. Apparently they were being chased by cops. Well if they weren’t doing anything wrong, why did they feel it necessary to hide?? And how did they get so stupid that they didn’t understand the meaning of Haute Tension?

I hope the EU begins to take its growing minority populations seriously, as well as looking for some market oriented solutions to its social problems. For starters, the people in the glass house should stop throwing rocks. For decades, Europe has tisk-tisked about American social injustice. Now the truth is out. For bringing on Jihad, there’s nothing worse than a festering underclass glossed over with a patine of feigned social equality that keeps business and real solutions from taking root.

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