Now cartoon murders

It’s official. "Cartoon-gate" has now joined the ranks of the ‘religion inspired murders’ as several people have died in the violence. Posting about this is kind of getting old at this point, but the infantile mobs who are burning and killing seem to be just getting started.

Putting this episode in perspective, the cartoons were published in September 2005. So the current protests have an air of premeditation. Whoever the planners are behind this nonsense, they’re not the ignorant mobs in the street. This was a calculated salvo in the culture wars–designed to have a chilling effect on speech.

Just you watch. Western governments are going to be falling all over themselves enacting new prohibitions against the demeaning of religious faith. After all–such clashes and protests are bad for business, bad for diplomacy. It’s messy. Standing for freedom and principles only works in a society of adults. It seems the spoiled children of the world have found a way to control us with their tantrums.

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