Exquisite Irony

I posted yesterday on the inability of much of the Islamic world to take a joke. Now comes the beautiful irony: All the chest-beating over the issue has made the once obscure cartoons front page news. Now the anger is over reprinting the images, as if people don’t have the right to know what all the fuss is about! Keep it up, you backward fanatics. You’re pouring gasoline on the fire, and digging yourselves in deeper!

Here are some suggestions on how to get people to stop insulting your religion:

  1. Stop insisting that the whole world become an “Islamic Caliphate”
  2. Ignore people who don’t like your religion–and practice yours in peace.
  3. Don’t get bent out of shape over satire. Get out your own pens and reply in kind.
  4. Become educated–stop the exclusive teaching of the Quran in your “madrasas”
  5. Understand pluralism.

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Aaron Kinney / February 2nd, 2006, 8:49 am / #1

6. Stop making the Quran the Goddamn constitution of all your governments.

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