They Dish It Out, But They Can't Take It

In retribution for their ‘prophet’ having been ‘defiled,’ a newspaper in Iran has now said that it is holding a contest for cartoons regarding the Holocaust, which it denies. It is offering prizes in the form of gold coins to 12 artists. When Iranians print these cartoons, all they are going to do is prove how restrained and civilized Jews are in comparison to Muslims.

Both Christianity and Judaism get regularly thrashed in cartoons, both in newspapers around the world, as well as on TV shows like South Park.

I don’t care how offensive the Iranian cartoons are. You’re not going to see Jews taking to the streets. They’ve been slammed in the Arab press for decades, and they’re used to it. Here’s an example of just a few anti-semitic and anti-American cartoons published in Syria and another mocking the Holocaust by the Arab European league:

So the Iranian papers are going to print a few more…Yawn…They dish it out…but they can’t take it.

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Aaron Kinney / February 7th, 2006, 10:17 am / #1

Is it just me, or do devout Muslims especially expose themselves -through their actions- as being very insecure about their faith and their self-esteem? Its like they are hypersensitive babies regarding their “honor” and the reverence of their God.

Youre totally right. Jews arent going to get violent in the streets over these anti-Jew cartoons.

And what about Christians? For the most part they dont get violent when their faith is offended. They get pissy and tend to litigate and apply pressure, like that whole Jesus Dressup/Abercrombie debacle, but the Christians generally dont get violent over this kind of thing.

I think the Muslims’ reaction to this issue definitely shows them as being very insecure and having self-esteem issues. Its childish to say the least.

If a Muslim made an offensive cartoon about atheism, or about an atheistic figure like Sagan or Russel, I wouldnt get mad. I may not like the cartoon, but thats different. In fact, I would defend that Muslims right to disrespect my worldview and my heroes, and I would only get mad if someone tried to take that right away from him.

Safiyyah / February 10th, 2006, 12:22 am / #2

The newspaper has since retracted its offer.

Mike Bommerson / February 10th, 2006, 11:42 am / #3

Too bad those people don’t understand that we keep the holocaust memories alive also to prevent dreadful things from recurring.

All the fuss about the cartoons suddenly reminded me of John Donne’s saying: “The devil, that proud spirit, can not stand to be mocked”. erm…

abdul-halim / March 4th, 2006, 3:10 pm / #4

a couple of things:
you have to view the issue in context. This whole cartoon issue is being misunderstood. They first appeared back in September and the initial response actually WAS peaceful and calm.

Secondly, there are certainly plenty of other places where Muslims get made fun of. Even South Park had an episode with Muhammad being portrayed but I don’t think there were any protests over that on the part of Muslims.

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