The Pseudo Science of the Spoken Word: Part 3


Continued from Part 2

From campaign speeches to tent revivals to late-night talk radio, countless orators throughout human history have influenced, cajoled, inspired, and galvanized the masses. Though Marc Antony’s famous speech upon the occasion of Julius Caesars’ murder is from Shakespeare, we can imagine just such an oratory accomplishing its desired effect. Words well-spoken or carelessly tossed off in a business environment have launched or destroyed many a career. 

When the Jesus character said “By thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned,” (Matt 12:37 KJV) he was citing a well-established principle of human interaction. Awareness of the power of words is universal. Loose lips sink ships. Insulting a person’s family will almost certainly get them to attack you. Failing to follow spoken protocol upon meeting someone will brand you a boor, simpleton, or worse.

Words have profound power. The premise of the Science of the Spoken Word, however, is that words have supernatural power. And that’s what makes it a pseudo-science.

Premise: Try it for yourself. Be open minded.

p. xvii of the introduction employs the classic new-age gambit, the appeal to be open-minded:

If you are open-minded, honest, and impartial, willing to experiment with the science of invocation as a hypothesis of cosmic law, then enter the laboratory of the Spirit and follow the instructions of the masters. For only by so doing will you ever prove to your own satisfaction that decrees do work. Truly you will never know until you try.

This is naked intellectual fraud with a barbed fishhook. The scammer has to get the mark to do the emotional heavy lifting. The mark has to be made to feel as if the con was actually their own idea. The best way to accomplish this is to appeal to a person’s sense of fair play: “See for yourself.” “Don’t take my word for it–test it out.”

With its appropriation of scientific terminology, this is a particularly pernicious sell. It relies on equivocation to redefine the word “laboratory” as including interior subjective constructs. It counts on the known cognitive illusion of confirmation bias. The reward for “success” is a heightened sense of power over the world. What person, feeling disempowered, could remain objective when the prize is the magical ability to change matter and circumstance to one’s favor by simply speaking out loud?

Rational people only need be shown a lack of evidence or false presupposition and the house of cards collapses. But the irrational and superstitious put the cart before the horse. All such successful cons rely on the desires of the mark for a quick fix or easy money. The mark wants the power, and they have told themselves they must believe (“Think positively”) or it won’t work. So of course, they believe.

This is the diametric opposite of the scientific method. I’ve discsussed this common tactic of apologetics as “proof-burden shifting.” But that’s even too charitable. It assumes the New-Age apologist is interested in proof. In actuality, people susceptible to this con have already drawn their conclusions. They’ve dismissed the rigors of science as “too limiting.” But they still try to dress up their unconstrained desires in the garb of scientific respectability.

Premise: Praying out loud is superior to wishing, willing, or silent prayer. The more rapid or intense the prayer, the more likely, effective, and swift the result.

pp. xxiii-xxiv 

The decree is the most powerful of all applications to the Godhead…Fiats are always exclamations of Christ-power, Christ-wisdom, and Christ-love consciously affirmed and accepted in the here and now…Affirmations are used alternately with denials of the reality of evil in all of its forms…The Call…to speak in a loud or distinct voice so as to be heard at a distance; to announce or read loudly or authoritatively…”The call compels the answer.”

The human motivational system developed in pre-history primarily to reinforce good nourishment, reproductive success, and status within small social groups. The hierarchical nature of those groups dictated that only a few people would dominate, along with their family and favored friends. The inescapable lot of most people would be to remain at others’ mercy, out of power, blocked from access to the most desirable mates, lower in the pecking order. People lacking coping skills or the desire to attain them began to seek out ways to compensate. One of these was the development of talismans, spells and ritualistic magic of all types. People out of power could pretend to do something about it to make up for their feelings of inadequacy and shame.

Non-physical intervention became a way of throwing their “mojo” at powerful forces, whether natural or political. Tribes developed rain dances and human sacrifices to please weather or volcano gods. People who were sick or dying could call the witch doctor or court magician to utter some spells to cast out “evil spirits” which might trigger the placebo effect to help them recover, or simply make them feel special as they slipped away. Even kings were not immune: if the battle was going badly, they would call the priest to utter a fervent prayer for the defeat of the enemy (while the enemy generals did the same).

Against the backdrop of unspeakable suffering or desperation, only hope remains. Hope against hope for relief–from whatever source. If that doesn’t work, wish for it. If wishing doesn’t work, then wish harder. If that doesn’t work, pray. If that doesn’t work, cast a spell. If nothing works, pray out loud. If that still doesn’t work, shout louder or longer. Eventually it has to work. “The call compels the answer!”

The Jesus character was facing betrayal and certain death: “And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.” (Luke 22:44 KJV) It is this very same impulse of desperation which gave us the “Science of the Spoken Word” and the “Law of Attraction.” I’d call it the “anything but doing something” school of conduct. When do people most commonly pray? When they are too powerless or afraid to take concrete action. Rather than reassess their goals, strategies, or take a lesson from past failure, they press on along their failed course of action, (or no course of action), and turn the outcome over to “God” or “the universe.”

But are they really doing anything other than hoping, wishing or begging? Why didn’t the Jesus character just have a frank conversation with Peter and Judas about their lack of loyalty? Knowing he was going to be tortured to death, instead of saving himself, he sat and prayed. His pathetic excuse as to why the prayer wasn’t going to work? He didn’t want it to. It was pre-ordained “that the scriptures be fulfilled.” How convenient for his martyrdom. Likewise for modern believers, fatalistic acceptance of the “Will of God” sets the stage for their personal abdication. Whether at a whisper or shout, prayer is a useless relic of the pre-modern childhood of humanity. It can best be described as “desperate longing out loud.”

Premise: Supernatural beings are compelled by God or “cosmic law” to obey the commands of mortal Earthlings.


Understand, then, that this earth is intended to be governed by the souls of light. Therefore, souls of light, I speak to you this night. Take your place in government and stand for truth and stand for freedom. –‘Saint Germain’

The dominionist fantasies of the Ascended Masters were continually expressed through the line of so-called messengers. From the I AM activity in the 1930s, through the Summit Lighthouse and its offshoots, this thread ran strong. The “lightbearers” were supposed to rule the Earth. Problem was, the undemocratic extremism of these groups permanently locked them out of politics. Such disenfranchised extremists have only two options left, prayer or violence. Since the masters groups were non-violent by nature, they prayed.

‘Saint Germain’ projected the illusion of divine control. He always had something to say about every political crisis. And it usually centered around the plots and ploys of the “fallen ones” and “power elites” for world domination. His pronouncements of conspiracies would make Alex Jones blush. But none of it mattered. Crises came and went, and nowhere was there ever any sign of divine intervention. The weak rejoinder of believers to every debacle on the world stage was always “but for our prayers, it could have been worse.”

On September 11, 2001, the prayers of jihadists did make it worse. 

Once the terrorist-infested planes took off from Boston, Newark and Washington, the element of surprise made saving three out of the four targets impossible. We didn’t understand the nature of the threat until it was way too late. Knowledge of the plot and the actions of brave citizens aboard Flight 93 saved the fourth target (the U.S. Capitol) from destruction.

So how could we respond to the national humiliation of watching our wives, husbands and children being turned into human projectiles aboard improvised Islamic weapons of mass destruction? We imagine a superhero who could swat down the planes, douse the flames at the World Trade Center, protect the Pentagon. The brave firefighters didn’t stand a chance. They were ineffectual as they stoically marched up stairwells to their deaths but their sacrifices still made them the salient heroes of the day.

The jihadists were far smarter than somnambulant New-Agers. They took decisive action and “answered” their own prayers by paying with their Allah-cheapened lives. In the face of that kind of religion-inspired mass murder, it would be hard for anyone not to wish for some larger benevolent force–some super-firefighter to come to the rescue. In an article I wrote about 9/11, I dreamed about being just such a superhero:

I want to push rewind. I have recurring dreams where I reach up with giant hands to swat those murderous planes. Then I grab them carefully and pull them out of the sky, realizing that they too contain innocents. I board those planes and knock out the terrorists. I wield giant fire hoses to quench the flames. I fly a helicopter to rescue those standing in the windows. I prop up the towers until they can be repaired. I catch those who jumped to their deaths. Please, let me wake from this nightmare. But when awake, and powerless, I feel small.

My own desperate coping mechanism relied on my fantasy of having sufficient power to stop the attack and save lives. But believers are too ostensibly humble to fantasize about being superheroes. They rely on the assumption that a higher power is listening. Someone bigger than them, like Archangel Michael, with the power to do something on their behalf. As I discussed above, prayer has always been about human power or lack thereof. The power of God is the ultimate trump card. This conceit has been skewered in numerous comedies. Still, people take it very seriously. Telling someone no one listens to their prayers would be considered “cruel” in most circles, even in the 21st century. It’s tantamount to telling them to give up hope.

But let’s be real. Given the size and scope of deities, what makes us think that they would intervene on our behalf? We’re insignificant to such beings. It’s not enough that they would have to listen to the prayers of billions on Earth, but there would be quintillions more sentient beings on billions more inhabited worlds each presumably with the authority to command galaxy-sized gods into action.

Like Jim Carrey trying to sort through thousands of Post-It notes in Bruce Almighty, it just strains every fiber of credibility.



Further, if cosmic beings existed, they would be wise. And being wise, they would be bound by a cosmic prime-directive: non-interference in the affairs of mortals.

In the “Science of the Spoken Word,” this distinction is made, cosmic beings cannot intervene unless they are asked. Hence the supposed importance of prayers and decrees. But the cosmic beings are also supposed to act according to “God’s will,” of which they should theoretically have a far better understanding than us mortals. Still, we are told, it is up to us to order them into action, always asking that the prayer be “adjusted in accordance with God’s will.”

What about the other case, where people give imprecatory prayers–for death to their enemies–and fail to ask for “adjustment according to God’s will.” Are we to assume that wise cosmic beings would participate in puny human feuds?

That makes even less sense.

So we see prayer is incompatible with the evolutionary conflicts of human free will. And if compatible with God’s will, it is still wholly redundant.

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Jerry Posner / June 1st, 2009, 12:43 pm / #1

Excellent series.

BlackSun / June 2nd, 2009, 6:29 pm / #2

Thanks Jerry. Maybe some of it a bit redundant but parts 1 & 2 were written a year ago. Next I want to tackle the time and location question. Why did it matter where people were when they decreed?

Ed Litors / June 1st, 2009, 12:12 pm / #3

Good Post. Where can I find the first part of this series? This is some info I would like to share. People don't understand that you have to be VERRRYYY careful on what you say, because it will come true.

BlackSun / June 2nd, 2009, 3:29 pm / #4

Links provided to parts 1 & 2.

iamthatiam / December 14th, 2015, 11:04 pm / #5

Hey Sean how the fuck are you? :-)

Amaterasu / June 4th, 2009, 11:08 am / #6

Some relevant comments gleaned and inspired from commentary on prayer, found in facebook:
100% success rate, often confused with coincidence; ~
100% fail rate… often confused with "God is testing me" or "It's not God's will" or "God works in mysterious ways." ~
Good stuff happens: Thanks be to God; Bad stuff happens: It's your fault, stupid! ~
"Prayer is the last refuge of the scoundrel."
-Lisa Simpson.

nancy l. rubinstein / June 9th, 2009, 12:33 am / #7

Words can have an impact. Hurtful words, etc. Can prayer impact the events of human nature? Probably not if they aren't broadcast to others. Personal prayer can effect the mind and actions of the person doing the prayer, yes?

BlackSun / June 13th, 2009, 5:45 pm / #8

Nancy, I think so. Any thoughts or words affect the brain of the person thinking them. So I suppose we would have to include prayer. But I have to say that believing someone else is listening to your thoughts or words and doing something about them is a sure-fire way to reduce what you are doing about them yourself.

Believers realized this a long time ago, coining the ironic phrase "God helps those who help themselves."

Angelina Torres / June 16th, 2009, 2:52 pm / #9

Hi Sean,

After many years of studying the Teachings given by your mother Elizabeth Clare Prophet, I have to give you my testimony which I think you should know:

1. I never judged these Teachings by comparison with how ANYONE lived them but by the POSITIVE EFFECT they had on MY life and OTHERS I saw during these years.


BlackSun / June 16th, 2009, 6:47 pm / #10

Angelina, the question is not positive effect. The question is "are they true?"

There have been many systems of thought over the years that may have given people a sense of comfort or made sense out of apparent chaos. Such as worshiping volcano gods or rituals of human sacrifice to appease the weather gods. These superstitions made some people feel better, but they weren't true. The believers insisted they were because they did not understand the forces involved. They chose to do something rather than nothing to try to change their circumstances. Now we do understand why volcanoes erupt and what causes the weather. We do not have the excuse of ignorance. So we must drop our superstitions. The "masters" are no different. They are a fantasy crutch some people use to assuage their despair. It is highly unlikely that they exist.

Angelina Torres / June 16th, 2009, 2:54 pm / #11


2. Today I AM a much better person much because of these Teachings: they gave me (and many, many others) profound answers and happiness, and have brought MANY TRUE MIRACLES to my life. Yes, all that I have in my life of more meaning and most of my true happy moments in my life are directly related to CUT Teachings.
For example: I consider myself to give more respect, love and care for people, animals (I'm an animal activist); the environment (I'm always concerned with making the least impact on the planet with my actions and I'm also an activist); I'm trying to be the most helpful person I can to others (everyday I try my best to deal with all people in a way that is always as most respectful and loving as I can); I try everyday to be a better person than I was yesterday; due to the Teachings your mother gave us. Without them I probably would care less and not even be an activist of anything.

BlackSun / June 16th, 2009, 6:54 pm / #12

You cannot ascribe causality to so-called miracles. Acquaint yourself with the term "confirmation bias." You see what you want to see.

As for the activism. There are plenty of reasons to treat the Earth well. The primary one is survival. You cannot attribute your motivations to a belief system. Compassion and altruism coexist in humans with avarice and the drive for dominance. Many people adopt an altruistic stance for self-interested reasons: cooperation and altruism raise a person's standing in the community. It is not motivated by belief. This impulse has existed since the earliest human societies.

A less charitable interpretation would say that people who fail in the game of power become altruistic because they cannot do otherwise. It is the only avenue left to them, because they are weak. But if you had unchecked power, you might become just as corrupt. After all, what makes you think you are better than all the power abusers in human history? Luck and circumstance is all that separates me or you from them. I know because I grew up in an environment where I watched how power corrupted my parents. It is no respecter of persons.

Angelina Torres / June 16th, 2009, 2:57 pm / #13


3. If you ask me if these Teachings will help, or are meant for everyone, no. But they (the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and the
Science of the Spoken Word) will REALLY HELP some specific people with specific goals and/or problems.
Because If you were to go back in time a 1000 years and explain those living in that time how we have today organ transplants, television, Space Shuttle, and so on, they would say you were crazy (to say the least) because they did not have this technology, so they would not be able to understand or believe you; the same way with the Science of the Spoken Word (we do not have yet the instruments to explain it, but I think sometime in the future technology will prove it right), I do not agree totally with the way how ECP used it, but the way I use it (which is actually still according with the Teachings) has given me and many others SO MUCH HELP – I AM a true witness of that help! What I think is that it's still a science that still needs more understanding and also improvements.

BlackSun / June 16th, 2009, 6:56 pm / #14

There is a method to acquiring knowledge. You cannot just look at something and say "someday it will be discovered," That's a cop out. You have to actually discover it. All else is just idle talk.

Angelina Torres / June 16th, 2009, 2:58 pm / #15

(cont) If you ask me if these Teachings are 100% accurate and true, of course not, because there is no specific teaching in the world that is. But I think these Teachings are, for me, one of the closest to the Truth about a reality that has a lot that needs still to be discovered. Also I realized that many people, inspite of having "lived"" close to ECProphet or being with the Teachings for a long time, did not really knew them, I myself realize that I have a lot to learn, but at least I learned enough to see the positive results.The balance that I do then is extremely positive of the Teachings your parents brought to us.

BlackSun / June 16th, 2009, 6:59 pm / #16

Again, you are simply expressing confirmation bias. Combined with "sunk costs." For you to admit that the teachings were untrue, you would have to also acknowledge your own waste of time and energy. A difficult thing for the best of us.

Angelina Torres / June 16th, 2009, 3:00 pm / #17

4.If what you say is true, I'm REALLY sorry for the pain you had with your experience with your mother, but maybe God did not find anyone better than your parents to bring these Teachings, and for some reason they had to be your parents.
On the other hand, I wonder, if I had parents like yours, I do not know if I would be in these Teachings today; because I had very loving parents, that lived very dedicated to me, this upbringing, left me free to look at the Teachings (not from a perspective of anger or feeling repressed) and being able to lived them profoundly, to a point that today with my experiences, I believe in these Teachings, because of my real very good experiences with them and not because someone told me so.
Indeed, I've noticed that childhood traumas can change totally the way we perceive things, and can limit our way we relate with God.

BlackSun / June 16th, 2009, 7:00 pm / #18

This has nothing to do with me personally other than I had a front row seat to the fraud. Which gives me both the knowledge and the obligation to speak about it.

Angelina Torres / June 16th, 2009, 3:02 pm / #19

5. So my concern is: it looks that all your comments, you say, are meant for helping people, but from my perspective, I wonder, if I had read all your comments BEFORE HAVING THE TIME to test these Teachings, I would be so miserable today!
And all other friends that I know that have been helped by these Teachings, if they would have read your comments also without the time to see the positive results, how would they have been helped then?
So, my question is: what will be the balance of what you and sisters are doing, be IN THE LONG RUN? Will the balance really be positive?
Because if I had this positive experience and those I know, what about all the many that were helped? They might be many those that are happy with these Teachings. What about if we had read your comments early on? What about all the others that these Teachings were meant to help, that because of your comments may not have the chance to see for themselves?

BlackSun / June 16th, 2009, 7:03 pm / #20

You would be miserable because you would have not yet faced the reality of your human existence. You would still be wishing for "something more" when you had not even used or explored the depths of what you actually have. This is the travesty of a lifetime: to squander your years chasing phantoms when you are not fully living!!

What you need to develop is adult mature human psychology and self-actualization. The teachings keep you in a dependent vulnerable fantasy state.

Angelina Torres / June 16th, 2009, 3:03 pm / #21

Are those who left the Teachings, really more happy now because they knew about your comments and left? I know 3 persons that left, and their lives do not look happier, one even looks like lost in the world with no purpose? Are they better now? Their sadness (which they did not have before) leads to these my questions.
Could it be that your perspectives are the way they are, because you lived more in the nucleous of the organization, than in the field were the Teachings are being praticed by the common people?
I only lived in the "field", and these are my true comments and experience that I think you should also know.
Thank you for reading my comments, I would love to hear yours. Sincerely
Angelina Torres

JoJo / June 16th, 2009, 4:59 pm / #22

To Angelina
What would really be the point of Sean answering you?
Take a few moments, go back to past posts in this web site and you will certainly find your answer. As an ‘ex believer’ it always amazes why people, still in the teachings, ask these sorts of questions. From experience I would say that No answer will ever be enough for you.
You seem to be a thoughtful person so If your involvement in the teachings seems to agree with you, if you have worked out all the pesky little details in your mind, justifying your believe system, if you have battle with reason, logic and what if’s and still come out strong in your defense and justification for the teachings, What on earth is there left to be said?
Except ,be off on your merry way and keep being happy!

JoJo / June 16th, 2009, 5:50 pm / #23

P.S. don’t look now but there’s a pesky dribbling little demon behind you on your right…. Nah, just kidding! Oops there he is again hanging from the ceiling above you, quick sap him with a bolt of blue lightning.
Fun huh? Aaaw, sometimes I miss all that star wars stuff

BlackSun / June 16th, 2009, 7:06 pm / #24

JoJo, thanks. It's nice to see when someone "gets it."

BlackSun / June 16th, 2009, 7:31 pm / #25

People have to go through a grieving process as they find their own reasons to strive and to live. It is a more difficult path but ultimately more real and more rewarding. It's getting off the tit of this cosmic pantheon of superheroes and learning to be a part of the human family. It's just us here. No one here but us chickens to live for, to save, to design and build a better world. Let's get our heads out of the clouds and our boots on the ground.

amina / July 1st, 2009, 11:36 pm / #26

about this discussion, Imust say that when I used to be in this church I was a better person
…I know this might sound like a surprise because I do agree ith the fact it was a cult
but I mean that if I would get into a fight with someone of if Iwould meet someone I disliked, or if someone criticized me,, Iwould resolved it with "violet flame" and it worked
the result is : I was happier in every little disappointment or relationship problem of eveyday's life,
because I was more loving, more forgiving, more compassionate, and my heart was more open
in the meantime I was also devastated with the fact of being in a cult (like a prisoner)
well, it's a paradox but this is how it was for me,
sometimes I miss my former capacity for forgiving and going through petty things with no blink, Iwish I could go back to that, but I can't , I am no longer in that state of mind with a community around me to suport me night and day in that process of forgiveness, and I do miss that part , very sincerely
this is why I say I think I was a better person

amina / July 1st, 2009, 11:44 pm / #27

I have left the church 15 years ago and I<have gone through the grieving process, and through realiizing I was manipulated
to this day I l have sensitivity around people who try to manipulate me
I just feel it , it's an awareness I have
I can tell a guru from far away
but I also can se now, 15 years later, what were the nice parts of being in this church
I'm looking back and realizing thera was some good
this is what's left for me of all these years spent in this church for nothing

Andreas Mannal / July 6th, 2009, 2:20 am / #28

I was on staff from 1986 to 1991 with a rebellious, skeptical attitude; yet, I have to say that this was a most educational time for me, especially the personal encounters I had with MOTHER. I would not trade these experiences for anything else! It was a tremendous companionship with lots of possibilities for personal development and integration. If you take it as an individual experience, it provided a most tremendous value that can never be replicated thanks to a woman called "mother". She had some "balls"!

Andreas Mannal / July 6th, 2009, 2:30 am / #29

I actually did not analyze the topic here. Let me say this: At a certain point in my life I realized the 'power of the WORD'. This was before CUT, and I was elated with the "Science of the Spoken Word". We would have to explore linguistics here, and the understanding of vibration and rhythm in order to do justice to this topic?

amina / July 13th, 2009, 2:38 am / #30

HI andreas, I don't remember you by name, but I would surely remember you if Iwas to meet you
Iwas also around in those years, and I understand what you say about learning in CUT
but I wonder if you can tell me what exactly you learned , because myself if I look back what I learned is that I should never let anyone manipulate me or abuse me
I guess it was my destiny to have to lern that the hard way, but franquly Iwouls have prefered to do more fin things all that time and be letss sterssed out all the time Iwas in CUT wondering around without building a real life
good thing Iwas also a rebel inside, and hzd some kind of skeptical attitude too, but I wonder if this was so good because it created a fight inside my being
Ithink that people who were true "followers" were better off in that organization , and actually it was like the army : you had to comply or get ouit

amina / July 13th, 2009, 2:40 am / #31

about the decreing techniques; I agree that ithere is something about visualizing and repeating "affirmations" that is on fashion right now with the movie and CD "The Secret"
even here in Europe where I liven this stuff is selling
it has to do with quantic physics and so forth, the power of the subconscios, etc and yes it works because most of what we live in life comes from our state of consciousness : it is something most psychologists now
BUT iin CUT t was used to control and manipulate us
what I learned from my years in CUT, and how to recognize the energy of being around people with severe psychological problems
some people in that type of organization are already pqychologically impaired and manipulative themselves, or become so : they make good leaders in the group (it t goes with their psychological structure),

Andreas Mannal / July 15th, 2009, 3:40 am / #32

I am sorry amina, I just found your response to a former post of mine. There is so much going on here, it is hard to keep track of where and when…

The simple answer to your experience with CUT is that the metaphor of "military" discipline actually holds! That is the whole point! In society, especially in the US, it is the military that is most trained in discipline and giving up one's personal wishes, desires, and aspirations for a cause, even if it means killing someone else. Whether it is the primitive cause of survival or some ideology, the whole meaning of "discipline" is to consciously employ a structure that generates actions beyond our personal sphere of comfortability, in order to grow and survive.

In a community like CUT, and another community I lived with before, this boils down to "are you in or out"? How much do you give up for the sake of….? How much are you a part of the "white fire core"? That determines your suffering. In the military the general stands bent over maps to device strategies consulting with his/her immediate staff, while the foot soldiers are groveling in the dirt, dodging extinction, and cursing the general and his/her strategizing tea party. That is how Britain destroyed India, although they saved them from Muslim rule probably.

I actually liked that intense quality of CUT. Spirituality can not be less than any worldly endeavor in intensity. Can you sense the intensity of Sean's postings? Mother was intense, I liked that about her. Mark was even more intense, I liked that about him.

Andreas Mannal / July 15th, 2009, 3:42 am / #33

I think in the end we can only abuse ourselves by not being honest with ourselves. Then, how can we relate to the intensity of inner growth and others? We are torn, shrink away, have misgivings, doubts, resentment, hatred, only to come to terms with ourselves. That even happened to Mother, as Sean made clear. And it happens to anyone. "Spirituality" can not be removed from the most intense battles and conflicts int his world. If it is, what good is it?!

Coming back to the "Science of the Spoken Word". What struck me most, was the axiom that the vibration of the voice has a more immediate effect on physical matter than thoughts. That is an very interesting proposition to me which forms the center piece of all the "decree sessions", This can be related to Plato's Divided Line of the mind and how it apprehends matter. Sound, vibration and rhythm are creative elements of matter, as is light. Darkness and silence are beyond that. This goes to say, that Mother was probably right in her central argument, which has of course taken on ridiculous forms of inter-galactic paranoia with hordes of fallen angels hiding in UFOs on other vcibratory levels behind certain cloud formations, etc…Whereas I could not identify with this paranoia, I could very well identify with a 'Science of the Spoken Word', and Mother definitely had some good propositions in that direction.

Otherwise, I was working in the construction department, enjoying the physical labor, steering clear of all the inter-personal bullshit of who was in charge of what. I was in charge of nothing, except my tool belt and the tasks at hand. I was intentionally oblivious to the whole power structure of the church, which for me was personified in M.B. When my ego acted up, I sometimes felt "left out", and "called for better things" than eating the dirt of Paradise Valley. But these doubts were by far outweighed by my all year round connection with the elemental nature of this area (I worked outside all the time), and all the beautiful women I was surrounded with during lunch, dinner and services. ;-) It was a hyper realistic dream, that can never be re-produced again. Thank you Mother. The only thing that came close to it in the recent history within the US, was probably Osho's experiment in Oregon, from which CUT "scavenged" a lot of its trailers and buses, interesting connection in time and space.

I say all this in a somewhat provocative vein, ignoring all the complaints intentionally, the complaints of having joined some battle unit of the Marines without truly realizing it, the well positioned criticism (by Sean) of the personal abuse of power within the 'chain of command' of CUT, and the royal, undemocratic assumption of its Queen of Austria and the Sun King. Doesn't anyone see how beautifully dramatic this is? What a tragedy and comedy? Shakespeare would make some work of this one.

All the goods I bought with my last cents are probably still stored in the "Hub" or maybe sold on ebay? It was an amazing event! This woman had some balls to pull that off!. I was sometimes wondering how competent "these idiots" from the engineering department were, to put something like this together, and I think they were wrong with their calculations of pressure on the steel tubes under the earth. I was working days and nights towards the end helping with the wiring for the control rooms, listening to Gustav Mahler on the Walkman, until someone hushed me with 'mother is coming through". I made a point to steer clear of this hypocritical commotion, and worked in some corner in the mean time. Whenever I met her face to face and eye to eye, the greeting was upright and very direct, no nonsense. And our personal exchanges were the same way. Going to the 'break trailer' to warm up, have some coffee and a peanut butter sandwich with jam was the ultimate luxury!

There were quite a few people surrounding mother" that I could not see eye to eye with. Clearly, they were human "idiots" or "morons", especially some of the men, so I kept my distance, but there were others, who were such fine human beings, that you can not meet otherwise in a life time. I met them in four years, and have very profound and fond memories of these encounters and our friendships, especially towards the climax, when everyone had to pitch in, and true equality became the practice of digging in the dirt for shelter. What a phenomenal spectacle! Especially, since nothing happened. Now what?!

I had no doubts or misgivings about mother's leadership in this. although I had some valis concerns about those "idiot hunters" who were into having weapons and shooting. I blamed the US culture for that, as weel as for my eating meat again, after having been a vegetarian for eight years in Europe. But a juicy hamburger after some hard physical labor in the Heart of the Inner Retreat was so tempting…

Andreas Mannal / July 15th, 2009, 3:42 am / #34

I remember that Mother stated clearly, that, if nothing happened, it was an excellent exercise and practice to bond the whole community more closely. This was obvious to me, and that was my experience on a daily basis. It was an amazing experience, and when it came to a close I had to move on with my life, but the Church provided for me and my wife and helped us to attain the status of 'registered aliens'. Life has a way of wearing you down, mother never did that in my experience. She inspired me with her panache. What a woman!

But then again, I would have never been abled to deal with her in 'close-up' on a continuous basis. We knew that. I detest formal authority and rote discipline, that is why I did Civil Service instead of Military Service. I could understand Mother's true value much better from a distance, not having to deal with her personal foibles and trips, which I am sure she had. She had too much juice and passion to be a "perfect one". I thought she knew that?

amina / July 25th, 2009, 7:59 am / #35

I just finished reading a very interesting web site about "ex-kids in scientology" and found this statement in one of the testimonies posted in that site (which I hifhly recomend just to realize how cults all work thesame)
this kid is saying about his own expoeriences in that cult ::
"Part of the problem with thinking that you are responsible for saving the planet is how heavy failure weighs on you"
it struck me how similar our own cult was , and let's not forget the science of the spoken word was supposed to be used to save the world

amina / July 25th, 2009, 8:02 am / #36

here is moreI od what this ex(scientology kid is saying :
" I just didn’t know any better, and I really was trying. Part of the problem with thinking that you are responsible for saving the planet is how heavy failure weighs on you. When I thought I had let the org down I was crushed beyond belief. That’s a lot for a teenager to carry, especially when the goals they were set were impossible to achieve. Nothing was ever good enough, and I felt every failure as proof that I was a bad person. Looking back, I understand why I got yelled at so much. My boss was also a teenager, who had joined up even younger than I did. She was getting screamed at by her seniors, and she didn’t know what to do either except pass it down to me. She shouldn’t have, but I understand and I’m not mad at her for it. "
these kids are so brave for posting this, and their stories are heart-braking


Chris / August 18th, 2009, 5:27 am / #37

hey can anyone tell me, how's Mother (ECP). Is she still alive?

AmenASHandFree / January 1st, 2010, 4:40 am / #38

She was she's now passed on…..

ALEX / January 18th, 2010, 6:45 am / #39

She died on october 19th last year

AmenASHandFree / January 27th, 2010, 8:07 am / #40

no biggy just for acuracy it was around the 16th when she passed…

variable sage / March 12th, 2010, 11:00 am / #41

I think the next paradigm is to be able to come out for ourselves, honestly and with all the values taught by the
good part of religion, but without the dogma and alienation it can bring by its elitism. There are societies where no
one practices religion at all, and people treat one another with reverence and respect, doing what is right simply
because it's the right thing to do, makes sense, and brings about the desired result of, say, peaceful coexistence,
interdependence for food, shelter, child-rearing, etc. Isn't this what we're really after–and to prevent war or strife?
Imagine there's no heaven–I wonder if you can…believe that we make our own heaven on earth by harmonizing
with nature, and doing as little harm as possible while we're here.

Brian / April 4th, 2010, 2:41 pm / #42

Part 2 : Did I know Elizabeth, yes, was she a kind person and caring, yes, did she give me every break in the world and never criticize my failings, yes. Funny thing that for some reason I kept running into Elizabeth in different places, and I wondered why. When I spoke to others about it, some where jealous, others would say its sign or sorts I always felt she could see right through me, and maybe she could, but she always smiled and reassured me that everything was going to be ok. I think over 3 years I ran into Elixabeth at least a dozen times.

Brian / April 4th, 2010, 2:42 pm / #43

Part 3 : Were the teachings real, how many people knew about the other books, the originals, how many of you have read them? These weren't published by Church, they were published by another group. Perhaps they are hidden and some of you should seek them out, there is more to the story. There was another group for those who don't know, but Ill leave to you to figure that out if you so feel the urge.
Anyways Sean to the others in this feed, the word is simple, but its far easier to challenge it, mock it, and disregard it completely, than to let it in. Letting it in is far more difficult a challenge.

Perhaps Ill drop by again, nice to see that some feel that gained from the teachings, regardless of how they live there lives today, rather than scourge them

BlackSun / April 4th, 2010, 9:06 pm / #44

Anyways Sean to the others in this feed, the word is simple, but its far easier to challenge it, mock it, and disregard it completely, than to let it in. Letting it in is far more difficult a challenge.

Brian, you're confused. This is typical mumbo-jumbo and proof-burden shifting. What is easiest and most common is self-delusion. Every "teaching" or claim deserves to be subjected to the same scrutiny and rejected if it doesn't measure up. It doesn't matter how many people believe a thing, it still must be critically examined.

Your anecdotes about my mom might fool a few people, but how she treated you is irrelevant to how she treated others. Many people whom she hurt won't even acknowledge it because it makes them feel foolish that they allowed themselves to be vulnerable to her in the first place. So part of their defense mechanism is to refuse to own up to their hurts. People gave life savings and inheritances and were tossed aside like a used candy wrapper. Despite her cruelty and double standards, my mom often told herself that she meant well and was a good servant. But her self-perception as the messenger of God made her callous and blind to human suffering in her community.

Like Catholics and their sex scandal, there seems to be no amount of shameful acts that will get the faithful to see reason. They start with the presumption of goodness, truth, and innocence in their leaders and institutions, and exclude any conflicting information. Keep it up, Brian. You're playing your role nicely–religions would be nowhere without their apologists, accommodationists, and collaborators.

JoJo / April 7th, 2010, 3:49 pm / #45

Part 1, Brian your'e an idiot
Part 2, Brian your'e an idiot
Part 3, Brian guess what? your'e an idiot

Brian / April 4th, 2010, 2:40 pm / #46

Part 1 : You know, I've read alot of these postings, and a few things come to light. You are who you are within your own being, and what you make of that being is by few will. Thus we have the great American dream.
Do we live in a world of murderers and theives, you bet we do. Do they care about your existence for 1 second, not a chance, nor will they ever. But if you know this, then surely your will modify your life to be less impacted in one manner or a another.

Lisa / July 28th, 2010, 8:53 pm / #47

Sean – I just read your sisters book Prophets Daughter.

In my 20s, I read the St Germain alchemy trilogy that I somehow came across. While reading this book, I dosed off and fell asleep and as I was waking up – between sleep and consciousness – I had a life altering experience, vibrating deeply from "the inside out", then the area on my forehead between my eyes blasted open, literally like the aperature of a camera. Yes believe me I know how that sounds, and Im sure you've heard many similar stories growing up as you did with the CUT. (continued)

Lisa / July 28th, 2010, 8:54 pm / #48

It reminds me of the movie Contact, where towards the end, Jody Foster is being question and she says "I had an experience … I can't prove it, can't even explain it, but every fiber of my being tells me that it was real" …

It turned out to be the first, and had over those many years, many "stranger than fiction" "experiences related to the Masters … were they "real" ? Yes I still question that, but I have to say, nothing was more "real" to me at the time … (cont)

Lisa / July 28th, 2010, 8:54 pm / #49

It naturally had me questioning the extent of "Reality" and the levels of it all … I was "curious" about the organization that was publishing these books … and I'll tell you what – the first time I saw your mothers photo, it gave me the willies for some reason … to this day I really cant stand to look at her and can not explain that either … it was a deep sense of "beware" at the conscious level. But, as strange as it is to me, I have to also admit – and this REALLY perplexes me – that during future "lucid dream-state experiences" as I refer to them …

I had experiences with ECP. It never made sense to me as I so "rejected" her consciously, and I never considered her my guru or any of that crap which turns me off … but … I cant explain the experiences … and there is absolutely NO way they were imagined, and I can not deny that either.

So thats it … just wanted to share that as absolutely INSANE as life on the Ranch sounded like from your sisters book, and I feel for what that must have been like … there is something to all this … I am as sure of that as anything. (end)

AmenASHandF / August 5th, 2010, 6:43 am / #50

hello Lisa, so glad u shared. I went thru experiences like that too so many have in history. I've come to the point that it's Life's way of showing us what we r made of but Life's not so sweet about how it goes about it…shame shame I say & who needs drugs when one can go in such a trip..weeeee…I was raised in C.U.T.from 5 yrs old, left in the 90's. How I see E.C.P. is like Adolfe Hitler who was vegetarian, they both started as beautiful babys but adults put so much freakish pressure on them they lost sanity living up to their expectations. Adult impression not parental. E.C.P. wanted religion on her own never pressured by her parents she said but her Mom dabbled in occult stuff so went her mind in a direction, like I experienced being part of her org. Life's a trip i say & we're all experiencing different one's….It's Life's special effects

Uri / December 22nd, 2010, 12:52 pm / #51

Hi! Sean.
When I see critics on 'Spoken Word' as a book which may be not covering the subject completely (I think so)
I recollect that mantra anyway is a part of old world culture – look at Hindu, Celts, Tibetans…
As I understood if no intent to decree the head away people use compact mantras.
And I talked to your mother shortly, she was special: my thoughts were small before her. Any of her books much bigger than any personal wit or imagination.

Concerning the decrees, I used them vs personal problems and I have to admit the word worked. How good
if you can confront something without aggression and aggravation.

Ned / July 21st, 2011, 7:31 am / #52

When I exercise the power of the spoken word and personally experience a benefit from it, that is the proof I need, not some intellectual scientific approach whose instrumentation is not meant to discern the activity of spirit affecting matter.

When someone else uses the power of the word, written or otherwise, as an effort to prevent or discourage an individual's pursuit of truth and light, whatever direction that may take, and tries to deny them the opportunity to learn from experience, that is called tyranny.

BlackSun / July 21st, 2011, 9:57 am / #53

Ned, that's not “proof,” it's personal experience. Which is notoriously fallible. We tend to see what we want to see–otherwise known as “confirmation bias.” As to your second point, how can one person's words of prayer be a “benefit” and another's be labeled “tyranny?” That doesn't even make sense. In the marketplace of ideas, all words are fair game. I'm taking issue with deceptive claims for the efficacy of prayer. The burden of proof is on the claimant. And it will take much more to shoulder that burden than personal testimonials or wishful thinking.

mtguy8787 / March 24th, 2015, 8:18 am / #54

Outstanding article.

Mtguy8787. legend from 2006 onward.

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