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POPE CLAIMS ABORTION WILL RESULT IN THE DOWNFALL OF DEMOCRACIES: I guess if abortion were banned, they wouldn’t be democracies anyway, would they? Who is the Pope kidding? Sounds to me like the same rhetoric we heard from Pat Roberston after 9/11. This is nothing short of hate-speech, and as we know, hate-speech leads to hate-actions. Maybe there is no difference after all between mainline religions and extremists like Robertson. Should I be surprised?

AND SPEAKING OF THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK: Pat Robertson recently pointed the finger at Islam as a religion of violence and mayhem, citing the Koran’s injunction “if you see an infidel, kill him.” It seems to me that anyone who thinks God is on their side has ALWAYS justified ANY atrocity practiced against those who they believe are NOT on God’s side. As a Christian, Robertson should not soon forget that Christianity brought us the Crusades, Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials, and abortion clinic bombings. Without a doubt, “peaceful religion” is the ultimate oxymoron.

500 DEAD IN GUJARAT…AND COUNTING: Explicitly religious bloodshed in India has claimed 500 lives in the past week. Exactly what were Muslims thinking when they set fire to a passenger train loaded with Hindus a week ago? And the cycle of violence continues…After a while, I get tired of commenting on this stuff. Religions are just an excuse for hatred. I could set up the “Church of Yellow” in one country, and the “Church of Green” in another country, and within a few generations, they’d be killing each other too. The only religious sentiment that matters is this: We are all one!!

UTAH HIGHEST IN NATION IN ANTIDEPRESSANT USE: Twice the national average. If Mormonism is so good, why aren’t people happy? Even the L.A. Times asks this question, which is glaringly obvious. Their story included the following quote from Dr. Curtis Canning, president of the Utah Psychiatric Assn.

“In Mormondom, there is a social expectation–particularly among the females–to put on a mask, say ‘Yes’ to everything that comes at her and hide the misery and pain. I call it the ‘Mother of Zion’ syndrome. You are supposed to be perfect because Mrs. Smith across the street can do it and she has three more kids than you and her hair is always in place. I think the cultural issue is very real. There is the expectation that you should be happy, and if you’re not happy, you’re failing.”

So I guess the idea of happiness in the Lord is wearing a little thin these days.

Helen Wright, 71, of Taylorsville, Utah, has been using various antidepressant drugs for 20 years and says she’s never had problems getting prescriptions. “Look around, you can easily find people who take them. I think it’s the cultural environment,” said Wright, whose three grown children also take antidepressants. “Most men here would just as soon their wives take pills than bother to delve into the problems, and maybe find out they might have something to do with the problems.”

I’d like to see these men grow up and stop using their religion as an excuse for oppressing their women. Because what men do to women today will come back to haunt their sons a generation later. Repressed anger is the breeding ground for a backlash and a cultural revolution, and that’s something no amount of Prozac can fix. With a 70% Mormon population, Utah also leads the nation in narcotic painkillers: Mormon life’s a bitch, and then you medicate!

SAUDI MAN SENTENCED TO 4,750 LASHES FOR ADULTERY: And we’re not talking about the consensual kind of lashes with “safe words.” We’re talking flesh flaying, bloody whippings that are so severe they must be administered no more than 95 at a time, and the person allowed to heal. Do the math–that’s 50 cycles of whipping and healing! In addition, the man will spend 6 years in prison. All for having sex with his sister-in-law. The woman got 60 lashes and six months. This is so barbaric as to defy logic. How does one man’s sexual exploits threaten the state to such a degree to warrant this kind of brutal response? These Saudi judges barely deserve to be called human, let alone claim to have contact with “god.” They need to read their Hafiz, and soon! I’d take the “devil” any day rather than submit to these butchers….And these are America’s allies in the Middle East?

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