The Shadow of Islamic Sexual Repression

From the Jerusalem Post, with hat-tip to Aidan Maconachy, comes this story about the dark sexual shadow of Islamism as practiced in Iran. This in a country where women are also stoned to death for adultery, gay men as young as 16 are hanged, and a 16 year old girl who’d never even been married was hanged in 2004 for ‘adultery.’

Iran’s new Islamic-guided government has
established a system of legalized prostitution, through the practice of
"sigheh" or "temporary marriages," by which a mullah arranges a "legal
union" between a man and a girl (some as young as nine years old) for a
fee. The so-called marriage can last anywhere from one hour to 99
years. Under this system, men are free to enter into as many temporary
marriages as they so desire, without having any legal obligation or responsibility toward the women and children that they "marry" only to use as sexual objects and slaves.

Not surprisingly, this legalized system of slavery and
oppression has led to a growing sex-trafficking industry that is
partially operated by government officials and mullahs themselves. The
girls who are forced into this system of sexual and economic slavery
are typically transported to various countries in the Persian Gulf and
are sold to individuals as well as to established brothels. The budding
industry of sexual trafficking of Iranian girls has led to growing
concerns about the spread of AIDS/HIV and other sexually-transmitted
diseases throughout the region.

The Islamic world is a misogynistic snake-pit of lunatics and cowards. If Allah existed, he would smite the lot of them with vicious plagues ten times worse than Egypt in Exodus. For sheer inhumanity, Islam makes Soviet communism pale by comparison.

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jaye / January 21st, 2007, 6:34 pm / #1

My first visit to your site.

I landed here because I may tell a friend to take a hike because of her bigotry.

She said something tonight that just tore it. I can’t think or write or work because I want to vomit because of her remarks.

She knows that technically speaking she is offending my people, too.

Why, oh why?

“ideas are more important” you said. I am going to hold on to that when I go to bed tonight.

BlackSun / January 21st, 2007, 9:35 pm / #2


I assume your comment refers to this post:

I think it’s a shame when it comes to this, but I would rather disassociate myself from someone than put up with their religious dogma or bigotry.

We see that Islamic sexual repression has led to hangings and forced prostitution. This is no different from what would happen in this country if the so-called “dominionist” theocrats got their way.

Good riddance to all of them.

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