Cruise = Christ = Enough Already

As if we needed another ‘Christ’ figure, Scientology leader David Miscavige reportedly believes Tom Cruise will be worshipped like Jesus for his work to raise awareness of the religion. Talk about irony! Christ stood for meekness, humility, poverty, chastity, and once threw the ‘moneychangers’ out of the temple. Cruise stands for celebrity, excess, sexual freedom, (if rumors are to be believed) power, and mass-entertainment.

It’s clear that neither of these extreme value systems represent good strategies for human life for the vast majority of people. But both are held up as hallmarks of religiosity to their respective adherents. This proves the subjective nature of religions. If L. Ron Hubbard had written his ‘gospel’ 2,000 years ago, 90% of us might be worshipping ‘thetans’ right now, and Christianity would be the weird upstart. Having witnessed up-close-and-personal the forming of a modern-day cult, and the deification of its human leaders, I find the whole business revolting.

Humans clearly have the need for mythology, ritual, and the like. But maybe we could stop looking outside ourselves for leaders and role models. No one has the answers. Better to risk creating your own mythos and being wrong–than blindly following someone else who’s doing the same thing.

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a / January 23rd, 2007, 3:34 pm / #1

Tom Cruise doesn’t have the star power anymore–the jumping on the couch, hiding the baby, anti-psychology, etc–I refuse to believe the American people (the whole thunderous herd) have the lack of reasoning faculties to make Cruise a religious figure.

Greg / January 31st, 2007, 4:29 pm / #2

I’m writing you to ask for your help. The story you ran today, based on a “report� by one of England’s worst tabloids “The Sun�, is 100% false. It is also harmful, libelous and foments incorrect notions about my religion Scientology so as to cause strife and intolerance. I need your help to set the record straight.

In actual fact, nobody within the Church of Scientology considers themselves to be “Christ-like� – this would be a very inappropriate and arrogant comment and I’m sure you can see how this is being used only to antagonize Christians everywhere.

We Scientologists appreciate Tom Cruise’s efforts as a spokesperson of many of our Church’s initiatives. But he’s just an actor, holds no rank within our Church, and is by NO MEANS a “prophet� – and I am certain he himself would be embarrassed at the thought.

I hope you can help me in setting the record straight. The “Sun� is lying. You can see the Church’s official statement here:

Please get in touch with the Church’s Media Relations department, at

Thank you.

Greg Churilov,
Scientology Parishioners League

PS: By the way, you might remember that, before he dared speak out against Big Pharma, Tom Cruise was a generally well-liked actor. If you think about it, standing on a couch is not *that* big a deal. The fact is that the drug companies have engaged in a whisper campaign of character assassination on this actor. And with good reason: since Cruise spoke out, sales of Ritalin are down 21% in USA, sales of Paxil are now banned in the UK by the UK FDA, and the U.S. FDA requires blackbox labels on all antidepressants. And Big Pharma is mad, their pockets have taken the hit.

BlackSun / January 31st, 2007, 8:53 pm / #3

Greg, you’re kind of missing the point. I consider it a footnote, an interesting tidbit about what Miscavige may or may not have said about Cruise being Christ.

Even if the article is 100% false, Scientology is a 100% made-up religion. (They all are, ultimately). And you’re not going to fool anyone with your media relations department. You see, my parents also started a made-up religion from scratch. I used to be the head of their Media department. So I understand about damage control.

Unfortunately, you are fighting a losing battle. Because truth (objective truth, the only kind that matters) is not on your side.

You are following a science-fiction story as if it were fact. Why don’t you all just lighten up? I’m a big fan of sci-fi myself, but I don’t go around pretending any of it is real.

No one cares about “thetans” or being “clear” or the ‘e-meter’ except emotionally lost people with too much money.

Tom Cruise used to be cool. It wasn’t couch jumping that made him a laughingstock, it was his endorsement of your wacked-out brain-sucking cult–with it’s mafia/uber/religio/corporate overtones.

You disagree? Tell me why every negative YouTube clip about Scientology suddenly disappears? Or how your goons break up any demonstrations by ex-members near your ‘churches.’ Are you all afraid of what the truth might do to warn off potential converts? Are you afraid of people speaking out about the nonsensical tripe dished out in your $five-figure indoctrination sessions?

And what about your carefully crafted and formal comment here–complete with link to your media relations department? Don’t tell me for a minute this isn’t part of an orchestrated campaign to defuse any negative press in the blogosphere. I’m not buying it.

Your battle against “Big Pharma” might as well be Godzilla vs. Megalon. There is nothing wrong with drugs or antidepressants when used properly. You all just don’t like the competition. You have no moral high ground here. I’d take my chances on Paxil any day over your pseudo-spiritual poison.

Don’t whine about ‘religious intolerance’ or ‘libel.’ People don’t need to tolerate insults to their intelligence. The only beliefs that deserve any respect are the ones backed by evidence, and Scientology doesn’t have any.

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