Hindu Doctrinal Abuse of Women

From an article on the Hindu doctrinal abuse of women:

Interpretations of religious texts have always been from a male point
of view because throughout religious history they have been in power —
similar to the notion that the winners write the history. Women are
always denied self-dependency. Who knows if the goddess Laxmi sits at
the feet of lord Vishnu. Whoever drew the sketch must have been a male;
or, the truth could have been altered. None of the religious texts is
the truth; they are fictions produced and reproduced many times as per
the convenience of those in power, or those who sought power. To
liberate women from male-dominated tradition, we need to reinterpret
everything. The liberation of women is a huge challenge as religious
misconceptions of vice are deep rooted in society as a whole.

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Rory Lewis / February 1st, 2007, 8:19 pm / #1

Well said. As a pluralist – all people, all religions are equal. Not just the male point of view.

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