Shame! The politics of hatred

I am sad to have to post this letter, (from an acquaintance of mine) but maybe my response will do some good. It’s a shame some people are still trying to drag the world back to the 19th (or possibly 15th) century. So-called ‘god’ is always the common thread. You’ve got the suicide-bombers on one hand, and the hate-mongers on the other. Both are on the wrong side of history.

I’ve posted my response (list of questions) first, with the boycott letter afterwards.


I’ve known you a long time, and I’m really surprised at the level of hatred and self-righteousness that you express in your letter regarding gay marriage. A few questions:

  • How does gay marriage threaten straight marriage?
  • How can so-called christians claim to speak for ‘god’ or to even be sure a ‘god’ exists?
  • How is oral or anal sex between married (or unmarried) men and women any different than between two men or two women?
  • How many straight ‘christians’ can honestly say they don’t have oral or anal sex? And whose business is it anyway?
  • Why is it that the experience of bodily pleasure is so offensive to some people, and presumed to offend ‘god’ who supposedly created our bodies to feel these sensations in the first place?
  • Do you really buy into the argument that sex and relationships are only for procreation? If so, then shouldn’t people past childbearing age also be prohibited from marrying???? What about people who have had vasectomies or tubal ligations?
  • Why shouldn’t two people who love each other be able to express it any way they see fit, including having it recognized in the eyes of the state?
  • With 50% of straight marriages failing, and a 75% infidelity rate, what kind of ‘example’ for the future is straight marriage? Why can’t gay people be given an equal chance to try and maybe fail at partnership and child rearing?
  • Is there only one right way to do anything of value? And just because things were done a certain way in the past, does that mean they have to keep being done that way? (i.e. slavery, disease, poverty, racism, segregation, etc.)
  • Why is it that people in the religious right don’t ask themselves these questions before trying to exclude millions of Americans from civil participation and civil rights? (After all, people of all religions have been subject to persecution throughout history. Wouldn’t it be appropriate for people of faith to have some empathy?)
  • If marriage is unnecessary for gays, then why shouldn’t straight people abandon it, too? Couldn’t straight people just write wills and partnership agreements, too?
  • Why the need to consistently use the pejorative term ‘homosexual,’ as if this were some sort of disease?
  • Finally, don’t you have gay friends or family that you respect enough to allow them to make choices for themselves? Don’t you appreciate how difficult it must be for them to live with the hatred that already exists in society, without piling on still more?

Just a few questions–______, I couldn’t let this go unchallenged. Regards, Sean Prophet P.S. Don’t you watch “Queer as Folk” or “The L word”? Gays are people, too!

Boycott letter

Subject: My Last Pair of Nikes

If you wish to take action, here’s the link. Feel free to use any part of
my letter.

Bill Perez, President
Nike, Inc.
1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453

Dear Mr. Perez,

By endorsing homosexual civil unions, Nike, like Allstate, and like a
lemming, has thrown itself over the cliff into the hands of the militant
sodomite lobby.

These so-called civil unions are the back-door, stealth approach to
homosexual marriage and the resultant dissolution of the family.

This is not a good thing for your company or your customers, or for the
world in general, or even for homosexuals in general.

In fact, it’s only a good thing for the militant sodomite lobby.

Like most people, I believe homosexuals should have common sense access to
people, places and things.

For example, I have no problem with homosexuals being able to inherit from
each other. It’s called a will.

I have no problem with homosexuals being able to visit each other in
hospitals. It’s called policy.

I have a problem with homosexual marriage. It’s called impossible.

Marriage is a church sacrament ordained by God. It joins a man and a woman
and instructs them to go forth, be fruitful, and multiply. So, the term
homosexual marriage is an oxymoron. And the very idea of homosexual
marriage represents a death spiral, not a life cycle.

I also have a problem with homosexuals adopting other people’s children.
Children spring from the union of a man and a woman which tells me they’re
supposed to be raised by a man and a woman – preferably their father and
mother, and preferably they’re married to each other.

I don’t think most of your customers will appreciate your public display of
diversity, in which you’ve discriminated against 90% of us who know what
marriage-family-lineage-ancestry-geneology is all about.

And it’s not about homosexuals.

To quote the Bible which you probably abhor, “There are ways which seemeth
right to a man, the ends of which are death.” This is one of those ways.

Nike executives believe they’re endorsing a politically correct civil rights
movement, but they’re really endorsing the homosexualization of America.
This is one of the strategies being used by evil men to fulfill the intent
of Karl Marx’ Communist Manifesto in the land of the free. They would
appear to be approaching success, however they assuredly will fail.

With the Supreme Court’s recent decision to abolish private property rights,
another plank in the Communist Manifesto has been nailed into place. This
time, however, Americans, ever the proverbial frog in the pot that’s about
to boil, are feeling the heat and jumping out of the pot. There is still
time to save our countrywith help from above.

The coming revolution in higher consciousness will definitely see the U.S.
Constitution restored and the will and intent of the Founding Fathers
carried out. This is the easiest and quickest way to ensure that we remain
a free nation under God.

I’ll pray daily for your company to fail miserably because you made the
ultimate choice to align with the wrong forces. Your bad judgment plus your
bad timing must rightfully equal career suicide.

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Chris Prophet / August 26th, 2005, 11:16 am / #1

I wish i hadn’t just eaten McDonalds . . . That letter made me mentaly and almost physically vomit. “There is still
time to save our country with help from above.” Why do you bother with these fuck heads, and why do I?

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