Mel Goes Ballistic -- "Lady, F**k Off!"

Mel Goes Ballistic — "Lady, F**k Off!"

After Gibson's presentation, the crowd was allowed to ask questions. Alicia Estrada, an Assistant Professor of Central American Studies at CSUN, challenged Gibson, asking him if he had read about the Mayan culture before shooting the controversial film. Gibson said he had. Estrada persisted, stating that representations in the movie that the Mayans engaged in sacrificial ceremonies and had bloodthirsty tendencies were both wrong and racist. Estrada and others tell TMZ that Gibson exploded in anger, responding, "Lady, F**k off."

Hasn't Mel heard of “noblesse oblige?” He's a successful director worth over a billion dollars. Why the need for public rudeness to his critics? Methinks he has some shadow work to do.

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mindash / August 31st, 2008, 6:25 pm / #1

me thinks he need lay off the sauce

Amen A S / H&F: .) / September 1st, 2008, 2:14 am / #2

I’m a latina or Native American South of the Boarder, Texas was Mexico! I saw the graphic movie a couple of months ago & I saw his Passion-also just as bloody. Movie’s r always someones interpretations & should be seen, understood & accepted as such. Hollywoods depictions of history, novels & bio-graphies r never accurate & some times over dramatised for effects-some times. Reality is reality & when a director can depict it well that’s when s/he has made an epic. But I’m fully aware of Mel’s catholic obsessive veiws & this has to have been his drive to be the one to make the first movie on the tribes of the pyramid societies known as Mexico. Catholics concured these lands in the pride they were fullfilling Christ’s mission & His prophesy to bare armes ( Luke 22:30-71) & Mel knows this. So who else better to do the movie!
The movie does show civilised tribes that did not engage in the human sacrificing of the pyrimad societies but were the human sacrifices themselves. And so do not understand why this woman Alicia worded her ? the way she supposedly did (I wasn’t there to hear her myself to know what she really asked) because the movie made it very clear that not all of the tribes then engaged in human sacrificing! I did not find the movie offensive, graphic yes. It seems to me Mel’s on a mission to correct the stories that r violent in history that have been depicted unrealisticly & connected to Catholicsm. Ms.Alicia obviously was hurt & unable to accept that a white man again has done the job in telling the story of a people conqured & butchered buy the other white man, the Spanish conquestadors! Again, Mel did show in “Apocolypto” tribes who did not take part of the human sacrificing of the pyramid societies. That, I appreciated from him despite his personality issues we can all see very clearly & what is again so hypricritical of a Christian. Christians r not suppose to be using the f word, always living a double standard, tearing away at what we actually agree on but they don’t want their peers to know it, publicly to show it &/or admit it !

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